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I saw this over on Wonderless Reviews and decided to do it so I can talk about the few TV shows I watch. Also, I just want to do a tag. It was created by vlogger Kayley Hyde.

Favourite shows?

This is hard to answer, but I’ve decided to go with the top 3 shows I never get tired of and that’s:

My bro got me hooked on Avatar: the Last Airbender when he was a kid, but unlike him, I’m still hooked on the show. So is my uncle, who loves it almost as much as I do.

I can binge on Fixer Upper all day. I love Joanne’s country/rustic style of decorating and love the family relationship we see on the show. It’s very family-centered, which is a nice touch.

I also love Criminal Minds and used to binge on it sometimes, which is a bad, bad idea. Doing so made me suspect everyone of being a suspect. I like the show, though sometimes I think it makes the profiling seem too easy and quick and always accurate.

Other shows I love: Daredevil, Heroes, The Good Witch, This Is Us, The Boondocks (seasons 1-3), Stranger Things.

Favourite genre?

Anything fantasy or supernatural, like The Magicians or Ghost Whisperer, or based in psychology and human nature, like Criminal Minds and House of Cards, or has action and a debonair character, like The Blacklist or White Collar, or is just silly and fun or humorous and sarcastic, like Spongebob Squarepants or Family Guy, or is based on medicine, like Grey’s Anatomy and House.

I also like informational TV shows (I guess that’s what they’re called), like Brain Games and Drugs, Inc., almost anything that airs on the National Geographic channel. And home decorating and real estate shows, like Income Property and Property Virgins.

Least favourite show?

I know everyone likes Bones, but I just couldn’t stand the show. I like the scientific side of it, but the drama was annoying.

Blindspot sounded interesting at first, but after a while it didn’t make sense to me and I thought it was silly. I also felt kind of weird about them analyzing the woman’s body (well, the tattoos but still…) to get clues and solve the cases.

The Worst Witch (the 2017 remake) could have been great if it wasn’t trying so hard to be like Harry Potter, which is really annoying. Still, I can’t stop watching. I usually watch it after something really creepy (Stranger Things) or unsettling (Breaking Bad).

Other shows I don’t like: Witches of East End (a Lifetime TV show), Basketball Wives (I’m speaking of the very first ones from years ago. I can’t watch shows like that anymore, including the Real Housewives TV shows. I find them all annoying and sometimes disturbing), A Series of Unfortunate Events (another one I don’t like but can’t stop watching).

Most rewatched show/favourite show to binge watch?

Supernatural and Charmed are at the top of the list with Charmed as the reigning champion. I’ve watched that TV show so many times that I know parts of it by heart. I mostly rewatch the earlier seasons of Supernatural, up until Dean gets the mark of Cain, I think, something like that. I’ve always wanted to continue with that series, but I don’t like how repetitive the storyline for each season is.

I love the old seasons of The Boondocks (season 1-3), when Aaron McGruder, the creator, was still part of the team. I love the humor in it and it’s stinging critiques of society. It was one of the best TV shows on and I can watch it over. Heroes (all the seasons before that dreadful one with the circus) is another I often rewatch. I just like how it makes it seem possible for there to be people in the real world with super powers. (The reboot sucked sooo bad.)

Other shows I binge on: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto (though I find it super annoying), Grey’s Anatomy (though I find it super annoying; I watch it for the medical parts), Family Guy, Millionaire Matchmaker.

Do you prefer watching things week-by-week or binge-watching?

Binge. I’m impatient and I hate waiting to find out what a cliff-hanger is hinting at. That’s why I love Netflix’s TV shows: You get them all at once.

Watching week by week was really annoying when I first started to watch 24 because every episode ended in a cliffhanger and the time thing just set me on edge the whole time. That show was so friggin awesome, though! (Well, I only watched up to season 3, I think, but I still think it’s great and Jack Bauer is awesome.)

Favourite television characters?

Cookie Lyon

Let’s see… Cookie from Empire (who doesn’t like Cookie?); Jack Bauer from 24 (he’s like a modern day Chuck Norris to me); Walter White from Breaking Bad (because of his transition from good guy to bad dude); Beth (Randall’s wife) and Jack Pearson (the father) from This Is Us (I love that show and these two are my favs of everyone, though I like all the characters — even Kevin); Vasiliy Fet and Abraham Setrakian from The Strain (because they don’t BS about things), also Thomas Eichorst from The Strain (he’s a villain, he’s horrible, but still I like him); Dean and Crowley from Supernatural (of course); and Dustin from Stranger Things (that’s expected).

Favourite television ships?

Hmm… I don’t know… Maybe Monroe and Rosalee from Grimm. I think that’s the only pairing I totally agree with.

Show you could never get into?

These ones didn’t work for me: The Good PlaceLuciferRosewoodHemlock GroveGilmore Girls (though I really wanted to like it; I haven’t watched the new seasons yet).

Show you fell out of love with?

Gossip Girl: Loved it when it came out and was a huge fan for a while, but then I lost interest when Dan and Blair started to get close. …Actually, I lost interest well before then, but that’s a good marker.

Quantico: Looked like it was going to be good and I was happy for it and hooked because of the mystery, but I got annoyed with it because the protagonist did a bunch of stupid things and the mystery was quite underwhelming once solved. Also, the end of season 1 sucked and that whole sacrifice thing sucked too. Just, ahh, frustrating!

The Strain: I loved seasons 1 to 2 and maybe part of 3, but the last season totally sucked and I didn’t like how things worked out toward the end. I’m just glad the show wrapped up by then. I guess this one doesn’t totally count then since I “fell out of love” with it when it ended.

Other shows I gave up on: Scandal (I got annoyed with it after a while), Empire (same), Project Runway (it was infuriating to watch sometimes because I never agree with the judges’ choice of winner, except when Christian Siriano won. I love his designs! I think I stopped watching shortly after that), America’s Next Top Model (apparently it’s returning, to VH1; I doubt I’ll watch), Suits (it became repetitive and Gina Torres and her fab shoes left), Teen Wolf (it went downhill), Ink Master, Once Upon a Time, 12 Monkeys, Hart of Dixie, Lizzie Borden Chronicles (some things made no sense).

Cancelled too soon?

The Merlin TV show, which aired on BBC. I really liked that one.

Other shows I miss: Warehouse 13, which aired on SyFy and Income Property, which aired on HGTV.

Guilty pleasure show?

I just realized that all my guilty-pleasure shows are all about millions and rich folks: Millionaire Matchmaker, Million Dollar Listing NYC, Southern Charm, My Lottery Dream Home (I watch to get lucky so I can win the lotto).

What are you currently watching?

I’m slowly catching up on The Game of Thrones. I put off watching it hoping to just stick to the books, but that plan hasn’t worked out so well.

Every now and then, I’ll also watch, or rewatch, these shows:

The Good Witch


Breaking Bad

Into the Badlands

The Expanse


Chicago Fire

The Last Ship

Stranger Things

Jessica Jones


Attack on Titans

…I think that’s all.


Weekend Reads #78: Journaling

Weekend Reads is a weekly post in which I discuss a variety of topics and mention the books I plan to read on the weekend.

This weekend’s topic:

Do you keep a journal?

Since moving back in with my parents, every year on New Year’s Day I wake early in the morning, grab a writing utensil (pen and paper or my laptop) and write everything I can remember about the previous year: events, thoughts, emotions, people I met. I spend the first half of the day doing this. Writing from the wee hours in the morning into the late afternoon, nonstop. Meanwhile, my parents, and sometimes my brother, attend church because, we’re often told, that’s the best way to bring in the new year — in communion with God. I’m often called variations of “heathen” for not attending and it’s been insinuated that I’ve turned away from my religion. But I wonder if my journaling is a sort of communion with this higher power.

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“The Shining” by Stephen King

Maan!! This book.

I forgot why I picked it up to read a couple months ago, but gosh, it was so good I was hooked the entire time. My plan is to read King’s books in publication order so since I’ve already read Carrie (sucks) and ‘Salem’s Lot (pretty good), this was next and I was blown away.

I did a stupid thing after reading this, though. I went to a hotel. WHY did I do that? It was for work, but I was so creeped out when walking down corridors and going into the bathroom. I should have waited until after the work trip to read this book.

“This inhuman place makes human monsters.”

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Top 5 Wednesday #22: A Total Bookish Grinch

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by GingerReadsLainey and now managed by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. For more information on this meme, visit the Goodreads group.

This week’s topic:

Bookish things you’re a Grinch about

Okay, confession time: I’ve never read the Dr. Seuss story that this post is inspired by, nor have I seen the movie. I always plan to but never got around to it.

The point of the topic is to discuss our petty bookish pet-peeves and I definitely have a few. Starting with:

Don’t touch my books.

If I don’t know you or didn’t invite you to take a look at my personal library, then I don’t want your grubby hands all over my damn books.

Don’t. Touch. Them.

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Tough Travels #7 & #8: Minions & Mentors

I fully intended to do a Tough Travels post last month and the month before that, but time got away from me so I didn’t get a chance to sit down to it. But, as the saying goes, better late than never. Here are the Tough Travels posts I’ve since missed.

Tough Travels is a monthly meme that recommends fantasy books based on tropes, themes, and clichés cited in Diana Wynne Jones’s The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. The meme was created by Nathan at Fantasy Review Barn and is now hosted by Fantasy Faction. (The meme will move to the Fantasy Hive in January.)

Since I haven’t read many fantasy books, I instead create my list at the end of the month, after reading everyone else’s, and include recommendations from them that are interesting to me. However, I now realize that not as many bloggers participated for these topics, so I’ll have to get creative about finding recommendations.

October’s theme:


Minions of the DARK LORD can be male or female, though he tends to favour males (who seem to be more susceptible to the Evil One’s wiles). They can take many forms: BAD KINGS, ENCHANTRESSES, HIGH PRIESTS, EUNUCHS, DUKES, REGENTS or WITCHES. Additionally, there are the non-human minions, such as ORCS, TROLLS, GOBLINS and random OTHER PEOPLES . . . not to mention MUTANT NASTIES, carefully selected MONSTERS, UNDEAD, and DEMONS.

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Book Haul #41: No Excuses

I have no excuses for the following book haul, except that the majority of items are e-books. Yo, those e-book sales are making my trigger-buy finger very happy. I just can’t help myself when I see them, which is odd because I don’t even like to read e-books. Chances are I’ll probably get physical copies of the ones I really like since the e-books were so cheap. I think the most expensive one was about $3.99, or something.

Quick note: All book titles are linked to their Goodreads page, since I don’t give much of a synopsis for some of them.


Some of these you may have seen already in my Winter 2017 TBR.

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What’s on Your Nightstand: November 2017

What’s on Your Nightstand is a monthly meme hosted by 5 Minutes for Books on the last Tuesday of every month that summarizes what you’ve read for the month, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan to read next. For my posts, I also include articles, music, art, TV shows, and whatever else I did in the month.

November was an odd month that staggered by in fits of enjoyment. All I can say is that it was great; the time I spent with family, friends, and alone were all immensely pleasurable and made November one of the best months of this year.

Books read:

I didn’t complete many books this month. I do the majority of my reading while travelling to work, but that has been difficult recently because my route changed. I no longer have a set chunk of uninterrupted time to spend reading. Instead, I have to be crafty about stealing time to read, which sucks. I guess I’ll have to start reading at home, which will be difficult because my home is a very distracting place (i.e. my family is loud).

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