Creativity eludes me…


Once again creativity escapes me.

Here is my first blog post and it’s not even mildly interesting, but I write it anyways so that I won’t feel bad that I’ve created a blog for about a month now and haven’t posted anything. I don’t even know what to base my blog on. I bet if creativity was with me, I would be able to write page after page, or line after line, of the most amusing things. Right now, these thoughts come in spurts.

I write, and pause; and think.

Thinking takes up a lot of creative energy because while thinking, I over-think and then what I write is an edited version of my thoughts, which really sucks because I have really interesting thoughts that would of amused you if you could read them, or hear them. I think hearing them would be better.

Anyways, creativity was with me a few nights ago, or was it last night?

I was ready to write my first blog.

I had a good idea in mind to write on and I felt the thoughts causing my fingertips to tingle in anticipation to get them down. What happen? Well, first I forgot which blogging site I had made an account with. It had been a couple weeks since I’ve logged in to stare at a blank screen and wonder why I created a blogging account in the first place so naturally, I forgot where my account was. Next I had to face the challenge of remembering my password. It was not a great feat and I was defeated. After 3 tries, I was locked out of my account. By that time, I could feel the tingle in my fingers slowly ebbing away and the build up of my thoughts receding.

Now, the smart thing to do at this point would be to jump on Word and type away until the build up of thoughts sputter out. Unfortunately, “smart thinking” was not at the forefront of my mind at the time and, being the easily distracted person that I am at times, the “ping” from a Facebook conversation caught my attention and my first instinct was to respond. That response turned into a 2-hr long conversation with 4 people, excluding the 2 who texted me, and the random tweets that I dished out every second or so. After all that exercise, (yes it is an exercise; can you imagine typing and texting that much at top speed?) not only were the creative thoughts gone, but I was too tired to type anymore so off to bed I went, leaving my blog post-less…..until NOW!!

Here is my first blog!

…which you just read and is probably lame because I really didn’t know what to write but you read it so HA! :p


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