Damn College Loans!

Yea so it just so happens that I am now 23 years old and am already $100,000+ in debt. Can you believe that? Of course you can! In this society you can, especially in this country.

In May, the one that just passed, I graduated from college.

Woohoo to me!!

Yea, Right.

Everyone gives me a pat on my back for graduating but no one hands me a job no matter how hard I look, ask, and apply. No one says “Here is $5000 to help out with that immense loan that you have no idea of how to pay off. Good luck.” Nope, instead everyone tells me that I should be really proud that I graduated and now have a degree. But should I really be happy? I’m frigging $100,000 in debt dammit! I don’t see what is there to be happy about!”

So, what was the point of going to college, I asked myself. What did I really learn? What did I gain? Was it worth it? Would I do that shit again? I pondered on these questions for quite sometime, mulling them around in my head and trying to enjoy the bitter taste.

Yea, I would do it again. College was fun! I only wish that I was financially prepared for that place. I sure as hell didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I applied for all those loans. It wasn’t explained to me. Of course, the college would not explain it to me, they only want the money. They don’t care if you are in debt after you graduate. If they did care, more aid would have been available to students AND they would of taken the time to explain that shit.

Anyways, that is now the past and it’s time to face the future. How the hell am I going to pay off this debt?

Hopefully, I will be hired soon.


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