“Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini

Inheritance (book)
Inheritance (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve just completed Christopher Paolini‘s latest installment in the Inheritance Cycle series, Inheritance, (actually, I completed it about a month ago and have just gotten around to writing this blog but let’s act like I’ve just finished reading it) and a sense of satisfaction engulfs me. Things feel complete. I totally enjoyed the story, long as it is. Despite the drag in the pacing of the storytelling in certain parts, Paolini did a good job of wrapping things up without providing a cheesy ending ( a la JK Rowling).

This last book brought everything full circle, while leaving room for the possibility of spin-offs on various characters. There was a lot that the protagonist, Eragon, had to learn in this series and, in turn, the reader. I was apprehensive because I did not believe that Paolini would succeed in tying all the loose ends together. Thus, after the fight at Dras-Leona, I became a bit anxious because I realized that there were only a few pages left and Paolini seemed to have A) forgotten about Angela B) forgotten to mention Sloan and C) forgotten to mention what the Tree in Ellesmera was to take from Eragon. Fortunately, there was no need for my worries because he smoothly wraps it all up in the final chapters; although, I do believe that at times he took the easy way out in terms of his explanations. For example, the Tree in Ellesmera was supposed to take something from Eragon but in the end, it seems that the she decided not to. I believe she should have. But it seems that she chose not to because Eragon proved himself to be honorable by returning to pay his debts.

Anyways, Paolini did a great job of drawing in my interest and holding it. I appreciated that Eragon is not the only revered character in the story. There is also Roran, who lacks magical abilities but is able to overcome his obstacles and gain the respect of all using his human abilities – physical strength and mental prowess. He is one of my favorite characters….and is also the kind of guy I fantasize about – strong, brave, ferocious (when needed) but caring :). Nasuada is another character that I really enjoyed. She is regal, brave, and proud and also a natural leader. I would totally fight in her army! The relation between her and Murtagh is interesting and sad. They are both loners, trapped by their duties. Of course, Angela is my fav character. I still wish to know her story although Paolini is right in stating that if we were to learn more about Angela, she would lose her appeal. Still, she is so interestingly funny!

I wish Arya and Eragon would hook up at least once! Eragon is a big, bad dragonrider-kingkiller-shadowslayer-Galbatorixsmasher dude and has yet to hook up with a girl. I mean, even Saphira got some so Eragon should too. He could at least get a lil kiss. He’s been yearning for that since Book 1. Now we are on Book 4, the last book, and dude is still a virgin. Plus, he’s about to go off into the wilderness to raise dragons with probably no females around; therefore he will remain a virgin forever! I don’t know if that is good or bad but either way, I pity him.

This Paolini dude has serious talent. I kinda envy him though. He’s able to write and publish his books at a young age, have them become best-sellers, and make mad money! Grrr….if I didn’t love his stories so much, I would be hater. Anyways, great series.

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