A Yellow New Year

According to me, the color yellow signifies hope and, because this New Year began on such a great leg, I shall use the color yellow to symbolize it. Why do I believe that this year has started off on a great leg?

Well, just the other day as I was reading and lamenting to myself, and whomever was close by, about my plight of being a broke, unemployed, soon-to-be-a-not-so-recent college grad, I recieved a phone call that will alter my life for the rest of the year; or at least for the next few months. It was a phone call asking me if I was interested in a job interview. 😮

Imagine my surprise at such a luck! I tried to contain my excitement and calmly replied that I am interested and would love to come in for an interview. Well, a week after the interview I was hired. Yes, I was! I know it is hard to believe; I didn’t believe it at first either. I thought that I was simply having a really intense daydream. But no, I was hired. Your broke, unemployed, soon-to-be-a-not-so-recent college grad is now a broke (haven’t got my paycheck yet and there are still mountains of loans to tackle), EMPLOYED, soon-to-be-a-not-so-recent college grad.

Now you can see why this year shall be yellow for me. It began positively – a job – and I hope that there is more positivity to come my way in the upcoming months.


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