“SparkNotes: Heart of Darkness”

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SparkNotes is a good guide for Heart of Darkness. I decided to read it since I’m no longer in school and thus no longer have anyone with whom I can discuss and analyze a novel with. Sucks :(. Anyways the analyses presented for the chapters were great. They did not go totally in depth; they just tackled the major points. I especially like the new addition at the back that gives tips on how to write a literary analysis. Well done! It took me 4 years of college to almost get it right so I hope high-schoolers pick this up and read the tips at the back. This guide is great for students, especially those who did not read the novel but have less than an hour to prepare for an in-class discussion.


12 thoughts on ““SparkNotes: Heart of Darkness”

  1. Yeah I’ve been playing with that quote, I’ve settled on ” lost only happens to those that are found ”
    Seems to roll off the tongue better 😝

    Thanks for the like.


  2. Yeah that really does suck when you’ve read something good and you just want someone to love it as much as yourself and observe how happy it’s made you and discuss all those things that you liked and seek their opinion/ understanding of the issues.


    1. So, i finished lord jim (aka l’captain) this weekend,
      Like you, where to begin.
      i agree entirely with what you wrote of ‘heart of darkness’, (your first paragraphs, story been different)
      So, I’m not sure if i did this novel justice by starting it at the end of august and finishing now, it never got boring, it was just travelling and lots of stuff cluttering up my concentration, because that something you definitely need for Conrad’s work, there’s just so much!, i you know what i mean.
      So the things that stood out mostly were the quotability of his writing, just about every Page had something. ( your copy of h.o.d must have hardly any white spaces left if you’re into highlighting!) lord jim wouldn’t if i cuda found my pen.
      i also liked, in my book there is a part where he discusses Jim’s case with a French lieutenant who replies with some French, which is straight away translated in brackets (parentheses) which never slowed the pace any. i think this is because Conrad wasn’t British.
      Yes, highly recommend this book 🙂
      My next read of his (have it on order) will be
      ‘ chance ‘ which has Marlow again, but has female protagonists, this work isn’t considered a notable work, but was the one that brought him some financial and literary recognition, will be interesting to see if the years changed his outlook / morals / style.


      1. Yea, he seems like both a great writer and storyteller, though I really need to read another of his books to be able to be really convinced of that. You’ve sold me on Lord Jim. I’m not sure when I’ll get to it but it will be next of his I read.

        And yea, my copy of HoD was all yellow from the highlighter. I take it you didn’t travel with a pen handy. Suppose you had to jot down directions, what would you have done?


        1. Lol, that’s where my highlighter was in my car!
          But i never read when on the move or visiting which is really strange because i usually take my new books with me, why?,
          I don’t know, burglars and things maybe??
          But if i needed to jot something down i could write on a dusty window or like use my phone!
          But normally I’ll just keep driving until i find what I’m looking for, and lost only happens to those that can be found 🙂


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