“Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

Sometime in April, I ventured into my favorite Barnes & Noble to buy a Sparknotes guide to read along with my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. Who knew that I would succumb to peer-pressure and buy a much-talked-about novel? As I’ve mentioned before in my post on the Hunger Games, I usually do not like to purchase a much-talked-about novel because I believe most times people talk about it just to be a part of the hype and not because the book is great.

On this occasion, it was my curiosity that drew me to the simple display of books in the Shades of Grey series and to select the first one, Fifty Shades of Grey. I had been hearing of the book for quite some time. No, I never saw anyone openly reading it on the train, which I thought was queer at the time since it’s so popular; but I’d overheard many whispered conversations filled with curiosity for the book:

“Have you read Fifty Shades yet?”

“Yo, exactly how freaky does it get?”

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On top of all these whispered conversations was the media. I read that it was banned from the Brevard county libraries in Florida and that it was filled with all sorts of BDSM scenes. I even watched a skit that Ellen DeGeneres did, acting as if she were auditioning to be one of the voices for the audiobook (it was hilarious). Furthermore, both my cousins called to see if I had started it yet because of the rave they’ve heard on it (in Jamaica and New York). At that point, I realized that I had to read it to know what the big deal was about. So that day in the bookstore, I succumbed to peer-pressure, gave into my curiosity, and bought Fifty Shades of Grey, the very raved about novel by E.L. James.

I like how the novel begins. Inexperienced Anastasia is thrust into unknown waters and must wade through the deep end while parrying with the dangerous Grey. Meaning, inexperienced (in all sense of the word) Anastasia has to interview Christian Grey because her roomie, Katherine Kavanagh, editor of the campus paper, is sick. So Anastasia does a favor for her roomie and interviews the very intimidating, very successful, but young, Christian Grey.

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