Finally, a Nook

Nook Color: available in Barnes & Noble
I’ve unwittingly fallen in love with it, a bit.

I still believe e-books are despicable things though I now own one (and have secretly wanted one since forever). I don’t even know what to read on it. I have a hard time deciding. Should I only read romance novels on it? It would be easier to hide from prying, judging eyes and I could enjoy the rapture of lust in privacy without everyone knowing why I squirm so much in my seat while reading.

In a way, I feel as if I’ve fell from grace. I feel as if I’ve flung my archaic books aside and ran off with the first young thing that came along. I feel like Judas. Betrayer. I feel like my books stare at me with hate and displeasure while I sleep, wondering if they should lay gently across my face and suffocate me in my sleep as a way to rid the world of another book-betrayer.

There’s not much for them to worry about though. I still feel odd holding and reading on the Nook. The experience is not the same but I think the Nook is growing on me. Efficiency tends to do that. Being able to carry a device that contains many books rather than lugging around 10 at a time, as I’m prone to do, makes the Nook shine in my eyes like a Siren on a rocky coast that beguiles sailors to come closer. I feel like a crash is coming.

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