Bumped into Nora Ephron at the Bookstore

Available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.
Available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

A few days ago, I spent my time reading Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck and I Remember Nothing. I had bumped into Ephron’s I Remember Nothing at Barnes & Noble. The book was lying on the table, waiting for me to pick it up, which I did. I’ve always heard of Ephron and of how funny she is. It’s the title of the book that caught my wandering eye and drew me in. I skimmed a few paragraphs in the front and some in the middle. They sparked my interest and I decided to buy it. But—being broke because of student loans and thus on a budget—I flipped over the slim, paperback book to check its price—$14.99.

$14.99! For a skinny, paperback book?

I returned the book to its table and decided instead to get it for free from the library. $14.99, must be mad. Of course, I checked how much the Nook book costs—$9.99. That’s crazy. That’s how much the paperback should cost. So off to the library I went.

I picked up both books and began reading immediately. I enjoyed I Remember Nothing a bit more than I Feel Bad About My Neck because I read I Remember Nothing first and was a little upset to find the some of the same subjects and stories repeated in I Feel Bad About My Neck (actually, it’s the other way around since I Feel Bad About My Neck was published first). But besides that, both books were a joy to read. I would like to revisit them later on in life. At 24 years old, I don’t think that I can relate 100% to Ephron’s essays.

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