Sharing My Instagram Pics: Transportation and Travel

pirate ship, train, horse...
pirate ship, train, horse…

I saw these wrought iron sculptures while travelling yesterday. I’ve never paid them much attention before, thinking they were just some iron bars that were supporting the beams at the bus stop. But since I had some time, my eyes drifted around and stared at them until I realized that they were sculptures. They portray different modes of transportation and travel.

See them individually on my Instagram.


Intimidated by the Personal Statement

personal statement cartoon
personal statement cartoon

I am intimidated by the personal statement that I must write for my graduate school application. For some reason every time that I sit to write, I seem to forget who I am and why I want to go grad school. My mind draws a blank and I no longer know what the answers to the questions are. It is so annoying because as soon as I walk away and begin doing something else, the answer pops up. I know exactly why I want to attend and what it is that drew me to the program. Excited at regaining my answers, I would rush back to jot them down and again they would disappear and the rush of anxiety returns.

What am I to do?

I would really like to get this essay and the application over with so that I can move on to more important worries: Will I be accepted? What should I do if I’m not accepted? I’ve decided that if I’m not accepted I should take time off to recuperate from the rejection and go to Trinidad for the 2014 Carnival and dance my pain away. It’s a great plan. After that, I will move to New York to work and reapply for the grad school.

I wish my thoughts would take pity on me and flow the way I want them to. I hope my anxiety will give up on torturing me and fade away.