Intimidated by the Personal Statement

personal statement cartoon
personal statement cartoon

I am intimidated by the personal statement that I must write for my graduate school application. For some reason every time that I sit to write, I seem to forget who I am and why I want to go grad school. My mind draws a blank and I no longer know what the answers to the questions are. It is so annoying because as soon as I walk away and begin doing something else, the answer pops up. I know exactly why I want to attend and what it is that drew me to the program. Excited at regaining my answers, I would rush back to jot them down and again they would disappear and the rush of anxiety returns.

What am I to do?

I would really like to get this essay and the application over with so that I can move on to more important worries: Will I be accepted? What should I do if I’m not accepted? I’ve decided that if I’m not accepted I should take time off to recuperate from the rejection and go to Trinidad for the 2014 Carnival and dance my pain away. It’s a great plan. After that, I will move to New York to work and reapply for the grad school.

I wish my thoughts would take pity on me and flow the way I want them to. I hope my anxiety will give up on torturing me and fade away.

7 thoughts on “Intimidated by the Personal Statement

  1. Don’t stress yourself too much over it,you will get accepted and if not well everything happens for a reason,something better will come along.
    The Trinidad trip sounds like fun,if you finally decide to go please do post photos from your trip.


    1. Thanks! I agree with you, everything do happen for a reason. I think I’ll give myself a project while I wait for the reply to avoid stressing. And I will most definitely post pics if I make it to T&T. I really hope I do 😀


  2. In my opinion, Trinidad for carnival sounds like a great plan whether you get in or not! That said, I do hope you get in; from what you posted on my site, it sounds like you’ve done the legwork to know why you’re going to grad school and to be a strong candidate given your work experience. Thank you for including Career Avoidance on your list of related readings. I look forward to hearing how the grad school application process goes for you in future weeks & months.


  3. It’s so weird but after writing this post, the words just start flowing. Blogging helps. Gotta go back to it now; the words are nagging me to continue writing.


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