Amazing Posts I Found on the Web: Book, Art, Fashion, Cake

A writing pad:

Available on Amazon.
Available on Amazon

I found this on Buzzfeed—Affordable and Clever Gifts for Your Writer and Bibliophile Friends. I’m considering to buy it since I tend to get great ideas at the most inopportune moments like in the shower, especially in the shower! The pad is waterproof and costs just $7.95.

Gold-digger shoes:

Atist: Sebastian Errazuriz
“Shoe3. ‘Gold Digger’ Alison” by artist: Sebastian Errazuriz

A friend told me about a post on Elite Daily that features sculptures of shoes by Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz—Artist Designs 12 Incredible Pairs of Heels, Each Representing One of His 12 Ex-Girlfriends. Each sculpture is accompanied by a short story about the girl, and the relationship, that inspired its creation.

I like this shoe because the man reminds me of Atlas, the Titan who was forced to hold the world on his shoulders, in Greek mythology. Plus, I would rock these shoes if I could buy a pair. You can see the other 11 shoes on Elite Daily’s website or follow this link to the artist’s website.

An amazing wedding cake:

Game of Thrones wedding cake
Game of Thrones wedding cake

I found this a while back on Book Riot—The Sweetest Sweets: Bookish Wedding Cakes. I was excited when I saw this cake. I would buy it even though I don’t plan to marry anytime soon. I just love wedding cake designs and this one is crazy cool because it’s based on Game of Thrones. I also like the last cake on the list, which has a stack of books that the couple loves.

An outfit for Christmas:

Inspired by Charles Dicken's The Christmas Carol
Inspired by Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol

I found this outfit on Fiction to Fashion—The Christmas Carol. I love this blog because it features outfits that are inspired by books. I would wear every item here. My favorite item is, of course, the heels. I love the design and the detail on the back but since it costs $697 (whew!), I’ll be content with just staring and imagining myself modeling in it. I also love the sassy, sequined skirt. I would definitely rock it to a party. Click here for other outfits by Fiction to Fashion that I love .


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