Amazing Posts I Found Online: Make-up, Statue, Cup

I found these amazing posts while perusing the web, reading blogs, or skimming through the many newsletters I’ve subscribed to.

A make-up artist paints album covers on her face:

Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear; make-up by Natalie Sharp

I found this one on Flavorwire. It’s pretty cool. I’m unfamiliar with the albums featured but I am amazed by the artist’s skills. Her name is Natalie Sharp and she’s very talented. Visit her website to see more of her work.

Edgar Allan Poe statue:

poe 1
“Poe Returning To Boston” by Stefanie Rocknak

I found this on Huffington Post back in April. It’s a cool rendition of the writer Edgar Allan Poe and a raven by sculptor Stefanie Rocknak. I love the details on statue. In one of the close-up photos you can see the bags under Poe’s eyes and I like how his coat billows out, the raven’s wing follows a similar arc, so you can easily imagine a wind blowing. Spilling out the back of his briefcase are what seems like books and papers and a human heart. I do hope they set it in a room with enough shadows to give it an ominous look. What makes this photo of it work for me is that the dark background emphasizes the shadows on the statue, giving it a Gothic feel, like one of Poe’s stories. The statue will be officially unveiled on October 5.

Chipotle Cups:

“Two-Minute Seduction” by Toni Morrison

Everyone has probably heard of these by now. I read of the updated Chipotle cups on Vanity Fair and thought it a great idea. It has renewed my interest in Chipotle so now I’ll dine there just to get their cups…and a quesadilla. I like how they designed it so, along with your drink, you get a story and a doodle. This will be great for when I’m having a bad day. The story will inspire me, the doodle will cheer me up, and the drink will wash my sobs away. I just might collect them.

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