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name plateBlogging 101 Assignment: Say Your Name

Zezee with Books.

I’ve decided to deviate from the assignment a bit since I already have a name and tagline for my blog that I’m pleased with. Plus, I did a post on my blog name last year when I decided to change it from Zezee’s Link to Zezee with Books since I mostly discuss books on here. This time, I’ll discuss why I chose to call myself Zezee.

Frankly, I do not know why. My real name isn’t Zezee. It’s Anais, which I think is a wonderful name. I could have used my real name, but I decided to go with a made up one instead. Why? I guess it’s because I am shy. Using Zezee is a bit like putting on a mask, a persona, through which I interact with those who choose to visit my blog. It’s not that I’m not being myself by using this persona, but that it’s easier for me to open up and share a bit of myself. I’m otherwise a private person and the web is a public place.

Zezee is also a barrier. When I started my blog, I didn’t know what to name it and I went with the first thing that popped in my head, Zezee’s Link. Naturally, whenever someone comments on one my posts, the person refers to me as Zezee, assuming that is the blogger’s name. The first time this occurred, I considered telling the commenter that my name is actually Anais but it seemed simpler to just let everyone assume my name is Zezee. Plus, if my blog sucked, no one would know that it was Anais’ blog that sucked. So Zezee it remained.

Now I’ve grown to like to the name Zezee and I doubt I’ll change it even as I become more confident and proud of my blog and my growth as a blogger. Blogging is relatively new to me since I recently began to blog more often and commit myself to it. My tagline—“random  as my thoughts go”—will remain because that sums up the persona behind the blog and gives the blog freedom from the limits of its name. So I’ll mostly discuss books but a visitor can also expect posts on other things (art, TV shows, etc.). It all depends on what catches my attention and propels me write.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog! 😀

27 thoughts on “Hi! My name is…

  1. Now that is something!
    France made me think of it’s furtherist department, martinique made me think of Sara who obtains funding for the orphanages there and quentin crewe’s book which i mentioned.
    That’s all I’ve read of his, i thought he wrote very well. he wasn’t expected to live past 16 but reached 72, died on his birthday 14 Nov.
    Must reread one of these days, and the book you mentioned sounds like my thing,
    On the list it goes.
    Crazy old world


    1. I just reread what crewe wrote, i quote,
      ‘ only one man survived in st Pierre – a drunkard called siparis, imprisoned in a vault…………… He spent the rest of his life as an exhibit in Barnum and bailey’s circus in America, supposedly as an example of the fickle nature of providence ‘.

      Obviously new information since 198?


      1. Probably. The book mentions that guy — Louis-Aguste Cyparis. He was in an underground jail and so survived. The other guy was Leon Compere-Leandre, a shoemaker who lost conciousness during the explosion, and the girl was called Haviva Da Ifrile. She’s the one who doesn’t remember how she got on the boat. Just 3 survivors. Wow!


        1. But wait there’s more…….
          If you google haviva da lfrile check out what Wikipedia have to say on the subject!
          Many more than three survivors, haviva drags a boat down to a cave and this mountain really told that it was going to blow, can’t wait now to see your book and compare with wiki,
          So looking forward to going to this place, could you lend me 3 million when you’re richer, I’ve found a nice little ship for 1.5 mill euro’s 😀


  2. I think anais is wonderful too as names go, same as the persian goddess of <3.
    I wonder how common it is in a place like dc,
    Like i bet there's about 500 thousand Joe's and Sarah's
    Billy bob 😉


      1. France would be the place to blend in then :ar!
        Martinique is just a hop, skip and a jump from jamerica , you ever been?
        Funny /tragic story i read in “to touch the happy isles ” by Q crew, about a volcanic eruption that killed everyone except a drunk, this after the mayor stated that the volcano was safe and the festival should go ahead 😮 8-} 😕


        1. Ha! I just read about that in the history book I’m reading now. Only 3 people survived. The drunk dud in the jail, a guy who passed out at his house (oversimplifying here), and a little girl who didn’t remember how she ended up on a boat out at sea. Horrific event that.
          The book I read it in is When Hitler Took Cocaine and Lenin Lost His Brain: History’s Unknown Chapters.


  3. Reading this post, yes, I am interested, so I will stop by again, and will definitely follow your post. I hope you’ll stop by, too, and maybe will be interested enough to follow me back? 🙂


  4. It’s all about branding. Zeezee is your online brand and there’s nothing wrong with keeping that separate from the ‘real’ you. Even though you merely have to glance at my About page to find out my real name, I feel I can say and do things as KokkieH that I probably won’t say as myself. It’s a very fine line separating the two of us, but it does liberate me somewhat in terms of expression. (And it’s a rather unique username, so I’m able to register it wherever I start a new online account, making the brand that much stronger. I imagine Zeezee would be the same.)


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