Sharing My Instagram Pics: Winter Snapshots

A Moment in Time

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

I hate winter. I abhor the cold, the sniffles, and that tingly feeling I get in my fingers and toes when they’re numb. I loathe the fall in temperature and the rise in wind. And the burning sensation I get in my nose whenever I step outside that makes me want to sneeze. I dislike the ice, that slippery ice that I slide on, glide, as I fall while running for the bus. I hate winter.

The last pictures I took were three quick snapshots of snowy branches. I was waiting for the bus and was bored and agitated. Bored because I wanted to get back to reading The Fires of Heaven and agitated because a girl was smoking and spitting all over the sidewalk where I would have to walk when the bus arrives.

I was also upset with the weather—snow. Snow means ice and I hate both. I was huffing and puffing to myself as I tried to think of warmer moments in my life when I saw a man and his wife taking photos of the trees with their phones. It was then that I noticed the beauty around me. The trees were all spectacular with their bare branches, some dripping with icicles while others were simply decorated with snow. It wasn’t heavy snow but just enough to give the impression that the trees had somehow sprouted snowy leaves. With the light of the lamp posts shining behind a few, the branches would glitter as if decorated with crystals.

I immediately copied the couple and began taking shots of the branches. (Instagram!) It passed the time and eased my discomfort though I did not forget my agitators—the smoke still harassed my nostrils and I could still hear the girl’s spit smacking the sidewalk; and the temperature, which wasn’t too cold, became noticeable as my hands were out of my pockets. But all that faded a bit while I admired the trees and their coating of snow.

The photos above are in the order I took them. My favorite is the middle picture. I rotated the picture but it’s of a branch that was hanging above my head so I had to lean back to take it. When I first looked up at the branch, I thought it resembled a centipede but after taking the picture and adding the effects, I think it looks like a brush. My mom thinks it looks like a feather while my friends say it resembles a fish bone. What do you think?

Visit my Instagram to see larger versions of the photos.


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