2015 Reading Wrap-Up: First Quarter

I can’t deny it any longer. I’ve become a slow reader. I’ve barely gotten ahead of my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 30 books. For the first quarter of the year, I’ve read 14 books and 4 magazines. The year started off slow with mostly magazines. I felt like I was heading for a reading slump because of my lack of concentration and limited reading time.

The older you get, the less time you have to read, unfortunately; and it’s even harder these days because of Netflix. Sorry for blaming you, dear Netflix, but I’m so addicted. Or rather, I was. Giving it up for Lent helped me to curb my addiction but unfortunately, I still find it hard to secure time to read. When at home, my mind constantly wanders to things I could be doing — people to call, chores to do, things to watch. Hence it’s no surprise that the majority of reading I did so far this year was done outside my home either while travelling on trains and buses or while reclining in a hotel.

However, the bright side to all this is that I am reading more deeply and reflecting on the things I read. So I guess I’m getting greater quality out of the decreased quantity of my reads. Anyways, here is a quarter-year roundup since I don’t read much to do a monthly one.

Books read

*Missing a cover for The Audition by Rachel Hartman.

By month

Favorite of the bunch

  • In Search of Lost Dragons
    • I love the illustrations and the structure of this book. The story isn’t bad either.

Least liked

  • The Audition
    • I didn’t see the point of it.

Best story

  • The Call of the Wild

Best writing

  • Between You & Me
    • Norris is witty and funny. She plays with the words and there’s never a dull moment though she discusses boring topics.

Awesome cover

  • In Search of Lost Dragons
    • The illustrations in this book are banging! I love the cover. There’s a scarlet cord for bookmarking that I didn’t notice until near the end. Whenever I use it, I’m reminded of the cover.

Reading Challenge Hits

Notable experiences while reading

I read Shadow Scale while travelling to Pittsburgh for the ACES conference, where I got an autographed copy of Between You & Me. The following weekend I read The Call of the Wild and Between You & Me on my way to Philadelphia to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Represent: 200 Years of African American Art” exhibit.

Magazines read

  • Traditional Home’s October 2014 (25th Anniversary) issue: Celebrating Glorious Design
    • I’d love to tour some of the plantations featured in this.
  • Scientific American MIND’s Winter 2015 Special Collector’s Edition: Your Inner Genius, Tap Your Hidden Smarts
    • I bought it mainly for its article on how exercise helps the brain but it’s a good issue.
  • National Geographic Special Issue: Your Personality Explained, Exploring the Science of Identity
    • A quick read. It mostly contains facts I already know so I was a little disappointed.
  • National Geographic History (a new publication): April/May 2015 issue (the first one)
    • Loved it! I especially liked the articles on Davinci, Aztec medicine, the Seven Wonders, and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. I learned stuff! 🙂

Currently reading

Throne of Glass
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I’m reading this because I’m curious to learn what it’s about and why so many people are excited about it. I’m only 40 pages in and so far it’s slow and making me sleepy. Hopefully this changes soon.


11 thoughts on “2015 Reading Wrap-Up: First Quarter

  1. That’s an impressive selection and quantity of reads, i live in the woods and have only managed about 25-30 books and magazines;-) The fast and feast approach to reading and everything works well i think B-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, in comparison to me you’re a fast reader, so don’t feel too bad! You know how many books I’ve read this year? A grand total of 6! Although real life is also quite a big factor in that as well. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with Throne of Glass. 🙂 It’s been on my tbr a while now but I’m trying to finish off some old series before I start any new ones.


    1. Life does get in the way of reading. Shortly after graduating from college I considered running off into the woods with nothing but my books and live as a hermit (mostly to escape student loans). Maybe both our reading will pick up in the summer. **Fingers crossed**

      That’s a smart thing to do: finish series. I taking a short break from one, the Wheel of Time series.


  3. There’s nothing wrong with being a slow reader. I’m one myself. 😉

    I haven’t read Throne Of Glass yet. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf since New Year’s, but after all the reviews I’ve read for it, I’m kind of reluctant to read it. In theory it sounds like something I’d love, but…


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