Book Haul #4: With Comics & a Mag Thrown In

It’s a May book haul!! Hopefully it’ll be my only one because I need to save money. This one was unplanned. I thought to visit the bookstore to restore some calm in my day but while there I fell into a conversation with the seller in the kids department. She had just read some YA novels that she was excited about so of course I got excited and told her to show them to me, which she of course did. We spent a couple minutes discussing books, almost half an hour, and by the end of our discussion I had a pile that I refused to get rid off so off I went to check out. What I got:

Talon by Julie Kagawa


I grabbed this one first because I like the concept of the story — dragons turning into humans and being hunted. It reminds me of Seraphina, and I want to compare the stories. Also, I love the cover. It looks like scales and its texture makes it feel like scales too.

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