Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Where I Enjoy Reading

It’s a TOP TEN TUESDAY post!! I’ve always wanted to do this but never got around to it so I’ve made the effort to make sure to participate this time. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is a freebie so what should I do? Hmm…

I think this one will be my TOP TEN FAVORITE PLACES TO READ. Randomly awesome! 😀

So where do I enjoy reading?

On the train

When I read on the train, it’s as if I’m reading as fast as the train goes. Sometimes when the train stops I’ll stop, then start again when the train takes off. I get a lot of reading done on the train to work these days. I love it. It makes my thoughts and mind zoom!

In my dad’s big comfy chair

Ah damn student loans so I’m stuck at home with the parents. In the meantime, I enjoy reading in my dad’s big comfy chair on quiet, lazy Sundays.

By a window

I love bay window seats. I like reading by windows because I tend to daydream as I read, immersing myself in the story, and I like to look out the window while I do that. So yea, I’m one of those girls you’ll see at a window with her hand propping up her chin as she stares out at the world with a glazed look over her eyes, dreaming the day away.

On a park bench

In a semi-busy area. I like active areas so if I get bored by the story, I can people watch.

At the beach

Because it’s so relaxing especially if you have shade and a cool drink.

In a huge library

One with a modern design and tall windows with cozy nooks to tuck myself into. It’s not too crowded but has enough patrons that the studious atmosphere presses me to commit to my book and focus on the story. In my perfect world, food is allowed.

In the bathroom

TMI? This is probably TMI but I love reading in the bathroom even if I’m not doing anything in there. I think it’s the quietest place in my house. No one bothers you when you’re in the bathroom.

At a hotel

I got so much reading done during my travels in March that the hotel has become one of my favorite places to read. It was quiet, the book I was reading was engrossing, and the bed and sofa were so soft, so soft!

At the bookstore

Especially if it’s a cozy one. I love it when I walk into a bookstore with no plans to purchase anything, select a random book, and get so caught up in the story that I don’t notice time flying by until someone calls or texts me, or some other interruption stops me.

Outside under a canopy in the summer while it rains softly

Long phrase but it’s what I like and I can only do this in a few places. The place and time and weather have to be just right. The place: outside under a canopy preferably a few floors up so there aren’t too many bugs flying around. The time: summer, between 2 and 4pm. The weather: it starts out bright and a bit humid but then the clouds cause the sun to dim a little and they let loose a soft rain, so soft you barely hear it, that cools you and the earth and almost lulls you to sleep.

And there you have it: my favorite places to read. What are yours? Please share below.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Where I Enjoy Reading

  1. Perfect TTT Freebie topic – I love it! I agree with all of your locations. My very favorite location is the hammock in my parent’s backyard. It’s shady, and usually nice and cool, and you can hear lovely birds chirping. It’s heavenly!


    1. That sounds perfect. I’d love to have a hammock in my backyard. I could pretend that I’m at the beach and the sound of the wind in the trees is actually waves breaking on a shore.


  2. My favourite place to read is in the front of my bus where my bed is, it’s surrounded by windows that look to the Alps and lower ranges, wild herds of chamois play and graze towards the ranges while the river roars ferocious or shushes placidly in its pathway to the sea.
    My least favourite place is in the bathroom,
    “Hey, what are you doing in there writing your memoirs or something ” knock knock knock knock :-S


    1. That is a nice place to read. It sounds scenic. I would end up spending most of my time daydreaming if I had such a spot to read in.
      Hahaha…on the bathroom comment.


      1. Speaking of dreams, a quote from danse macabre, a stephen king book i be reading “i am a writer by trade, which means that the most interesting things that have happened to me have happened in my dreams ”
        I’d say, day or night as long as there sweet 😉

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