It’s My 4th Blogoversary!!

My blog is 4-years-old today! I had no idea that I started my blog on May 28, 2011! 😀 Both my blog and I have grown and improved so much that today I will try to take some time to revisit old blog posts to see how far I’ve come. Please join in and take a look around. 🙂

I started this blog a few weeks after graduating from college. I was worried about my student loans, career, finding work, moving back in with my parents, and a recently failed relationship. To escape the buildup of anxiety that would sometimes catch me unawares and leave me gasping for air, I turned to blogging. I wasn’t sure what to discuss on this platform but it didn’t take long for me to turn to my interests — books, reading, and sometimes art. My confidence in blogging steadily grew as my personal life improved, and slowly I began posting more and more. So although I started this blog four years ago, I really began dedicating myself to it in 2013.

I’m so appreciative of all the support I’ve received from all of you in the blogosphere, as well as from family and friends. Thank you for subscribing, commenting, and simply stopping by for a visit. It’s very encouraging and I appreciate it all!!

To commemorate this anniversary, I shall share 1 personal fact about myself (since I don’t say much in the About Zezee section), 2 of my favorite artists, and 3 books that give me the warm fuzzies.

1 personal fact:

Although I’m an introvert and prefer quiet, relaxed days than crazy, busy ones, I do love to PARTY!!! 😀 And not just any party, mind. I hate those parties where people stand around talking the whole time. That’s boring. I love to dance and I love loud music so I love to go clubbing and dance the night away. I really don’t mind partying for a whole weekend, if I’m roused to do so. But I do need time to myself, preferably with a book, to recover afterwards.

2 favorite artists:

M.C. Escher: I LOVE his mind-bending creations. I tried to reproduce them when I was in high school but, of course, I came nowhere close to what he did.

Frank Morrison: I love the movement and colors in his work. Actually, I love everything about his work. I can see myself, my family, my experiences in his work and I love that.

3 books that give me a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I read them that I have to giggle to let it out:

No surprises here, if you follow my posts.

If you have a favorite artist or a book that gives you the warm fuzzies, please share.

Thank you for visiting, commenting, and/or subscribing! 😀


14 thoughts on “It’s My 4th Blogoversary!!

    1. A lot of people say Charlotte’s Web is their fav children’s book. I don’t recall reading it but I found a copy in my basement a few days ago so maybe I’ll take a peek one of these days.

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  1. Wow this sounds just like how i would put my partying style, like minds huh B-)

    This artwork is awesome sawsome, thanks for sharing that. Books you know 🙂

    And lastly,
    @):- @):- @):- @):-

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