“Insurgent” by Veronica Roth

I like the covers of the books, though.

I read Divergent last year August and thought it was entertaining. The plot was interesting, the protagonist strong, the movie made Four sexy, and it all amounted to an okay reading experience. At first, I considered continuing with the series immediately but the success of watching the Divergent movie prior to reading the book made me want to continue with that trend for Insurgent, especially since the Insurgent movie was due for release this year. However when the movie hit theatres, I didn’t desire to watch it, choosing instead to wait until it got to Netflix, and who knows when that’ll be.

Still, I was curious about the factions. Why were there factions in this weird dystopian world? The books I read after Divergent dampened this curiosity but it was aroused when I read Becky’s review of Allegiant. All of sudden, I wanted to know what occurred after the events in Divergent. So I downloaded the e-book and read.

Quick note: It’s so weird, but I began reading both books on the 15th of the month. I began Divergent on August 15 last year and Insurgent on May 15 this year. Weird, right?

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