Weekend Reads #8: I invite Tyrion and Prof. McGonagall to dinner

Weekend Reads is a Goodreads group created by Nici, a booktuber over at LitPixie. Basically book lovers can record a video or write a blog post about what they plan to read on the weekend, and also answer a fun question.

The question for this weekend:

Which bookish family or group of friends would you happily host dinner for? What would you serve?

Umm…I can’t think of any group—family or friends—that I would like to host dinner for. My automatic reply would be Harry, Hermione, and Ron but I don’t think we’ll get along well. Harry is nice and all but in my mind, he’s always full of angst so we would fall out. Hermione will get on my nerves. I love her and admire her but she WILL get on my nerves. And Ron will simply annoy me. I love them all in the story but I know we wouldn’t get along. I can’t think of a family I would like to meet.

Anyway, the characters that I’d like to host a dinner for is Tyrion and Prof. McGonagall. It would be a small party with just the three of us. I will be off to the side, eating quietly and observing as they bicker at each other in the most sarcastic, sophisticated way possible. Prof. McGonagall will ruffle her feathers at Tyrion’s tendency to be crude at times, especially as he drinks more and more of the sweet red wine from Highgarden that I’ll provide. But though uptight, Prof. McGonagall can hold her own and Tyrion will be a little impress by her wit and sassy remarks. And Prof. McGonagall might get so wasted that she’ll loosen her severe bun and turn Tyrion into a frog for fun.

Yeeaa…as for food…I’d stick to something safe like chicken. I don’t want to detract from their conversation.

What I’m reading this weekend?

I wanted to read The Phantom Tollbooth for a long time now, ever since I heard that there’s an island called Conclusions that the protagonist jumps to because he jumped to a conclusion about something. I thought that was funny so I placed it on my TBR list and after watching a Youtube video by Lindsey Rey, I was convinced to go out and purchase it. I’m glad I did. I started reading as soon as I bought it but paused to complete Talon and allow myself to be swept away by Anna and the French Kiss.

I’ll also start You this weekend. Its title has been leering at me all week, trying to get me to look at it. Pick it up. Fondle it. Flip its pages. And rake them with my eyes. I give in.

Well, what are you reading this weekend?

Also, if you have a bookish person in mind that you’ll have over for dinner, please share.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #8: I invite Tyrion and Prof. McGonagall to dinner

  1. For a group it would have to be the rat queens, for an individual I’d choose either Grainne mhaol or makeda B-)
    I would cook cheese-ala-toast for mains and have triple chocolate ice cream for pudding.

    I am reading nothing this weekend because we have just had about two metres of rain, and now the sun dose shine 😀 yippee!

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  2. I didn’t even realise this was a goodreads group! I’ll definitely be answering the question from now on 🙂 I would definitely invite Luna Lovegood over for dinner…. the conversation would be brilliant!

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    1. Awesome!! 🙂 I really like the questions given for the posts.
      Ooohh yes! Luna Lovegood would be great. Why didn’t I think of her? Of all the characters, I think I would get along with her best.


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