Top 5 Wednesday #3: Favorite Chapter Headings

I’m on time this week! 😀

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by GingerReadsLainey. For more information on this meme, visit the Goodreads group. This week’s topic:

Favorite Chapter Headings

I don’t have favorite chapter headings and most times I don’t pay much attention to them, but I have read books that contain chapter headings that I like simply because they’re hilarious. Here they are:

Prince Charming Still Has No Idea What’s Going On

This is from Christopher Healy’s hilarious middle-grade novel, The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, which focuses on the Princes Charming rather than the rescued maidens.

Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)

This is from Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor, which is a guide for reading between the lines and interpreting texts. I love this book. The titles for his chapters are always hilarious. Actually, as soon as I read the topic for this week, Foster’s books popped in my head.

Visit Tinker Creek. Then Keep Going.

This is from Kevin Smokler’s Practical Classics, a book about the classics that are assigned in high school. It sounds like it would be a boring read but it’s not. Smokler throws in some jokes sometimes and the chapter titles are fun.

Pickup Lines and Open(ing) Seductions, or Why Novels Have First Pages
When Very Bad People Happen to Good Novels

And more from Thomas C. Foster. These two are from his How to Read Novels Like a Professor, which is a guide on interpreting texts. Both of Foster’s books are great to read.

Do you have favorite chapter headings? If so, please share them below.


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