2015 Reading Wrap-Up: Second Quarter

You might have realized this but it news to me that my quarters are off. I calculated wrong, which makes sense because I’m not the best at math, but the quarters will be righted by the next wrap-up post, which will be up at the end of September.

In my first quarter wrap-up post, I spoke about not reading enough and being a slow reader. I guess that post helped my reading speed because it has increased, and now I’m way behind on reviews. Crashing the Write Those Reviews Party didn’t even help, mostly because I had family in town and my work life got a bit crazy. But I’m not complaining about this increase in speed because there are a ton of books I’d love to read right this minute and sometimes I feel as if I won’t ever get to read ALL the books I want to read in my lifetime.

As for what I read, the majority are books with a few comics/graphic novels sprinkled throughout. I didn’t read any magazines but I did read a few articles.

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