Top 5 Wednesday #4: Random Stuff on My Bookshelf

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by GingerReadsLainey. For more information on this meme, visit the Goodreads group. This week’s topic:

Things on your bookshelf that aren’t books

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you’d know that I cleaned and reorganized my bookshelf a few months ago. It’s still in tip-top shape though a little crowded because of my Book Outlet obsession, which means that it’s pleasing to my eyes but doesn’t work well for this post. I’ve only been able to find 4 foreign objects on my shelves. They are:


Where are they?

Chilling on top in the back.

Why are they there?

Because they’re thin and look like books. Also, easy access.

Did I watch them all?

All except one, King Arthur.

Will I move them in future?

No. Again, easy access.

The Hound (Pop! action figure)

Where is it?

Up front where everyone can see it and he can see them. On the second shelf.

Why is it there?

Because I like looking at it and showing it off.

Why did I choose the Hound of all the Game of Thrones figures in the store?

Because I like the Hound. I think he’s a good guy but the world loves to hate him and he accepts it.

Will I move it in the future?

Yes, to a higher shelf.

A water bottle

Where is it?

Up front on a shelf below the Hound.

Why is it there?

Because I’m lazy and can’t bother trekking to the kitchen.

Do I think it adds to my room’s decor?

Why yes, I do. My lamp’s light enjoys reflecting from the plastic surface into my eyes to dazzle me with its brightness.

Will I move it in the future?

Yes, to the left to make room for its buddies.

Party flyer

Where is it?

Tailing the Hound.

Why is it there?

Because I’ve used it as a bookmark for many years and decided to give it a little break.

When was the party and did I go?

It was in October a few years back when I was in college (no year on the flyer but it was probably in 2009). No, I didn’t attend that party. I went to another that was more fun.

Will I move it in the future?

Yes, to mark a page.

So do you have things on your bookshelf that aren’t books?

If yes, please share below. If no, please send along tips on how you’ve managed to keep out the random.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #4: Random Stuff on My Bookshelf

  1. Yes i have lots of things on my ‘book’ shelves and funnily enough no books, I’ve moved them outside to a little building i call the library. There was so many inside the bus, and I’m sure they were plotting something against their lord & master! They were encroaching on my little space i claim for cooking and sleeping so heartless bastard that I am, I make them sleep in the cold and dark! Just the twenty or so current acquirements have pride of placement around a bout.

    Some of the things on the shelves that were formerly referred to as ‘book’

    Shaving foam (like what sort of weirdo doesn’t have that on their bookshelf!)

    Two Antique rusty nails (possibly from captain cooks endeavour, found while treasure hunting down south)

    Some assorted stuff.

    A thing.

    Some pellets for the air rifle (behind the thing)

    I really need to clean up, next week maybe 😀


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