Premio Dardos Award

I am way behind on award posts, which I apologize for because I am really grateful for the recognition. I was nominated for the Premio Dardos Award back in January by Flying On Empty Thoughts. Though I have never heard of the award before, I am happy to be nominated. Thanks again, S!

The Premio Dardos award honors creative and original writing on cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values.

Here’re the rules for the award:

Premio Dardos award
Premio Dardos award

I’ll copy a few other bloggers who’ve accepted this award and leave a sentence or two saying why I nominated the blogger and mention a recent post I like. Here are the bloggers I nominate:

  1. Musings of a Nerdy Girl
    • I forgot how I first came by Umbreen’s blog but I began following her about a month ago. I’m glad I did. Her pieces are always thoughtful and she discusses topics that I consider during my quiet, pensive moments.
    • A recent post I like: Defining and Finding Oneself (As Told Through Alice in Wonderland Quotes), which asks what does it mean to know oneself and how should we go about defining ourselves.
  2. Roof Beam Reader
    • I enjoy reading his book reviews because I usually discover something new.
    • A recent post I like: Thoughts: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It’s a book review. I haven’t read the book but most reviews of it that I’ve seen says that it’s a gay novel but Adam argues that it’s not.
  3. Blogs of a Bookaholic
    • Becky’s blog was the first blog I followed when I started blogging. I enjoy reading her posts, which are mostly on books, because they are insightful, funny, and thought-provoking.
    • A recent post I like: Post Uni/Yay its Summer Book Haul. I like it not only because I get to discover new books, but also for what she says about why she got them. I also enjoyed reading her review of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.
  4. Cup of Tea With that Book, Please
    • I really enjoy her Quote of the Day posts as well as her Weekly Tea Discussions. Also, she always finds infographics on reading and books that I’ve never seen before so those are cool too.
    • A recent post I like: Quote of the Day — July 11, 2015. Click to see what it says.
  5. Holditnow
  6. Exploriums
    • This is a new blog and I enjoy the content, whether they’re photos or book reviews or travel posts.
    • A recent post I like: On a rainy day. The photos are absolutely stunning. I highly suggest you take a look.
  7. The Once Lost Wanderer
    • Here’s another blog I love visiting to read the book reviews. They are all on the classics. His plan is to read the 100 Greatest Novels of all time. I highly suggest you read his About page, which is hilarious.
    • A recent post I like: Fab Five Friday (July 10, 2015), in which he discusses the most unique fabulous places he has read a book. I also enjoy reading his poems, especially his Ode to Dr. Seuss and The Boy in the Moon.
  8. The Consolation of Reading
    • This is another blog I enjoy visiting because of the book reviews. They, too, are classics. Usually I’ll discover books I’ve never considered before; or, if I have read the book, I’ll end up learning something new about it.
    • A recent post I like: Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne, which is a book review. I also like his Bible as Literature series.
  9. Books, the Universe, and Everything
    • I love Emily’s blog. It’s a mixture of things I enjoy: books, bookish things, travel. I especially like to read her reviews of nonfiction books, since her taste seem similar to mine.
    • A recent post I like: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. It’s a book review and I’m so glad I read it. I’ve been curious about the book since I first heard of it and I wondered if it was any good. Though I’ve read and listened to other reviews, I really wanted to know what Emily thought. I also enjoy her travel posts like this one on The Galapagos Islands.
  10. Auxiliary Memory
    • This dude makes me think. I enjoy reading his essays. As with Umbreen, some of his posts are on topics I’ve considered before, while others present something new for me to consider.
    • A recent post I like: Rethinking Book Buying and Collecting.
  11. Sara Letourneau’s Official Website & Blog
    • Sara is a fantasy writer. I think I began following her blog a month ago and I’m glad I did so. I really enjoy reading her book reviews.
    • A recent post I like: A Blogoversary Character Interview with Eva of “The Keeper’s Curse”. I don’t think I’ve ever read a character interview before but I like how this one reveals more about the character and what motivates her.

Congrats bloggers! Thanks for all the great posts you’ve shared.

9 thoughts on “Premio Dardos Award

  1. Thanks Anais (just learned your real name), it’s beautiful. Anyway, I appreciate the nomination. I’m just now getting around to replying as I had to get a tux for the acceptance speech…all that.

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  2. Thank you so much ZeZee for the lovely recognition and words! I really appreciate it, and have been enjoying reading your blog as well! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Zezee! I’ve never heard of the Premio Dardos Award either, but I like the purpose behind it. 🙂

    I’m currently WAAAAAY behind on blog tags and award posts myself, so I might not get to this until August… But I will let you know when I do.

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