Exploring My Bookshelves: Ahh….Janie & Tea Cake

My plan was to get all caught up on things this weekend, but again it was upended by unexpected visitors, who turned out to be awesomely fun folks.

I’m back with another “Exploring My Bookshelves” post since I skipped it last weekend. The meme was originally created by Victoria at Addlepates and Book Nerds but since she’s on vacation, I’m following along with Shannon at For the Love of Words since she has created her own topics.

How it works:
  1. Take a “shelfie” (a picture of your bookshelf). Preferably literal, but e-shelves work too.
  2. Write something on the day’s prompt.
  3. Give the blurb and the cover of the book (and what you thought of it if you’ve read it).
  4. Link back to Victoria’s post.

My bookshelf:
my bookcase
my bookcase
Last weekend’s topic:

Movie covers of books

I could only find five.
I could only find five.

I’m not a fan of the movie covers for books, which is why I only have five. I didn’t care about the cover when I bought Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief since I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like the story. Upon completing the story, I was surprised to find that I liked it and later I bought the rest in the series. After watching The Other Boleyn Girl, I ran to the bookstore to purchase Philippa Gregory’s novel. The movie covers were the only ones available at the Barnes & Noble stores in my area. By the way, after reading the book, I couldn’t stand to watch the movie. The book is way better! I actually don’t mind the movie covers of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride and Matthew Quick’s Silver Linings Playbook. I enjoyed both movies but have only read The Princess Bride so far.

This weekend’s topic:

Favorite classic

Available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.
Love, love, love!

I love everything about this story: the language, the structure, the descriptions, the characters, the settings, everything! A simply summary is that it’s a wonderful story about a woman’s search for love. But I think Janie searched for and gained so much more. The story is set in the South and Hurston’s descriptions as well as the characters’ personality and speech brings the setting alive. The language is so poetic. I’ve read it about three times already and each time it felt as if I approached the story anew. I’d find myself marveling at passages and repeating certain sentences to myself, over and over again, trying to commit their rhythm and tone to memory. You can read my review of it here, if you like.

And there you have it. Do you have books with movie covers? Do you prefer such covers?

P.S.: While searching through my bookshelf, I found this —

Jason and the Argonauts
Jason and the Argonauts

— a Penguin Classics copy of Jason and the Argonauts by Apollonius of Rhodes. I mentioned in my last post that I’d like to get a copy of the Penguin Black Edition of Jason and Medea. I guess I no longer need to. I’d forgotten that I already had a copy of Jason and the Argonauts. So you know what this means. I have to reorganize my bookshelf so it makes sense. I’ll let you know if I do.

Have fun reading! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Exploring My Bookshelves: Ahh….Janie & Tea Cake

  1. I have a copy of ‘ tender is the night ‘ with images from the BBC TV series on the cover and it’s UGLY / UGLY / UGLY.
    The first edition cover looks good.
    I have yet to finish this novel.


    1. Lol. I’d like to try another Fitzgerald book. His work seems to be a hit or miss though. The first time I read Gatsby I didn’t like it.


      1. His writings great, i found the pacing or maybe the era just a little slow or old for the place i was.
        Definitely pick it up again one day 😉

        I love that quote of his you have in your quotearium
        Sobering up in the library, Lol 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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