Top Ten Tuesday #9: I ODed on These Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

Tamora Pierce

(14 books read)

Song of the Lioness quartet

The Immortals quartet

The Protector of the Small quartet

Trickster series

Rick Riordan

(13 books read)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

The Heroes of Olympus series

Kane Chronicles series

J.K. Rowling

(10 books read)

Harry Potter series

Supplemental books to the Harry Potter series

Rochelle Alers

(about 7 books read. I’m sure I read more but these are all I can remember.)

Hideaway Legacy and The Eatons series

C.S. Lewis

(7 books read)

The Chronicles of Narnia series

Toni Morrison

(about 6 or 7 books. I left off Paradise and Love. I think I read them but I’m not sure.)

Robert Jordan

(6 books read)

The Wheel of Time series

Robin  McKinley

(about 5 or 6 books read. I think I’m confusing Beauty with Rose Daughter since the protagonist in both are called Beauty.)

Folktales and Damar series

Mary B. Morrison

(about 5 or 6 books read. I think I read When Somebody Loves You Back.)

Soulmates Dissipate series

Terry McMillan

(5 books read)

Honorable mention:


(about 8 or 9 books)

I totally forgot about Zane until I got to the end of this post. It would probably look weird if I’d included covers of her books right under those middle-grade and young-adult ones since she writes erotica.

Who are your most-read authors?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #9: I ODed on These Authors

  1. Wow.. some good ones there! I’ve read some (Riordan, Rowling) but there are a few that I have neglected.
    That’s the trouble with these things, always end up adding to my TBR pile.


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