Reader Problems Book Tag

There’s not much planning for my blog. I organize as I go along and post whatever I feel like posting but recently I started maintaining a list of things I would like to post or discuss since I tend to forget stuff. Book tags are on that list and the Reader Problems tag was one of them. I first saw this tag on Ashley’s blog, What’s She Reading. I wasn’t tagged but that didn’t stop me from wanting to do it. It was originally created by Tiffany, a booktuber and blogger over at About to Read.

You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

Easy, I’ll read whatever it is I feel like reading next. My TBR list does’t hold much sway over me. I don’t think of it as a list of books that MUST be read. Instead, I see it as a list of books I’d really, really like to read. I maintain it because if I can’t think of a book to read next or to purchase, I can just skim my TBR list and find one.

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Weekend Reads #15: Lots of travelling

Weekend Reads is a Goodreads group created by Nici, a booktuber over at LitPixie. Basically book lovers can record a video or write a blog post about what they plan to read on the weekend, and also answer a fun question.

Since Nici hasn’t posted any August topics, I’ve decided to go off track with a topic of my own.

The question for this weekend:

Apart from books (fiction and nonfiction), what else do you enjoy reading?

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Exploring My Bookshelves: A Reference Book I Like

“Exploring My Bookshelves” is a weekly meme created by Victoria at Addlepates and Book Nerds. Since Victoria is on vacation, I’m following along with Shannon at For the Love of Words since she has created her own topics.

This week’s topic:

A reference book

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm

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