Weekend Reads #15: Lots of travelling

Weekend Reads is a Goodreads group created by Nici, a booktuber over at LitPixie. Basically book lovers can record a video or write a blog post about what they plan to read on the weekend, and also answer a fun question.

Since Nici hasn’t posted any August topics, I’ve decided to go off track with a topic of my own.

The question for this weekend:

Apart from books (fiction and nonfiction), what else do you enjoy reading?

Great question, me. Recently, I’ve started reading comics and graphic novels, which are a joy. I’d also like to get into Manga but I don’t know if I will. I working up to it. I enjoy reading magazines as well, mainly the National Geographic magazines, New Philosopher, Scientific American Mind, Psychology Today, and the Smithsonian Magazine. I’ve realized that I prefer to read about scientific topics in magazines rather than books. I also enjoy reading long-form articles on the following websites: The New York Times, New Yorker, The Daily Beast, and sometimes Medium.com. And when I have the time, I visit Arts & Letters Daily for others.

What I’m reading this weekend:

I’m continuing with A Clash of Kings this weekend. I’m almost half way through. I would have been further along but I didn’t read much during the first days of this week. I so surprised that I’m as hooked on the book as I was the first time I read it, and that I still don’t like Catelyn. I thought my opinion of her had changed but no.

I also started reading Jason and the Argonauts. I was in the mood for a classic and since my copy of Suetonius’ Caligula has yet to arrive (Grrr…!!), I settled for Apollonius’ poem. I was apprehensive when I began because I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the language (thinking of Shakespeare) but it’s easy to read and understand. The translator, Aaron Poochigian, wanted to make it as accessible as possible and I appreciate that.

Well, what did you read this weekend? Please share below.

Happy reading! 😀


13 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #15: Lots of travelling

  1. I’ve read no books, august has been so busy and i binged on so many last month.
    I do like to abstain from reading, my mind fills up with so many words and meanings it’s good to let them bounce around b4 adding more to the brew.
    A busy month helps 🙂

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  2. I have Argonautica too (I think it’s the same books as yours). It keeps tempting me.

    Ooooo, Suetonius! That’s great! I’m go glad to find someone who likes reading the same types of books as I do. I haven’t read him yet, though I hear that he was supposed to be something of a gossip. I think for these types of books, Argicola by Tacitus will be next on my list.

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        1. Lol yep, it’s been prophesied that you’ll encounter one but who knows what the gods have in store. You might find yourself with another Nietzsche in hand wondering how he got there.


  3. Hi Zezee – well, this weekend it looks like I am going to finish reading Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul (I’ve been reading it since April!) I am also enjoying Lily King’s Euphoria; and I am reading (and working on) crochet instructions for a throw with a design named “Prismatic Stimuli” by Taylor Tengelsen. Have a fine weekend.

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      1. Care of the Soul is very rich—I’m loving it and will likely return to it over time. The author draws upon “poetic-minded soul searchers such as ancient mythographers and tragedians, Renaissance doctors, Romantic poets, and our modern depth psychologists who respect the mystery of human life and who resist the secularization of experience…” (sorry for the long nerdy reply but I couldn’t resist quoting from the first chapter:))


    1. Hello Leslie!
      I just looked up Care of the Soul on Amazon and I like the bit of the first chapter I read. How is it? The Prismatic Stimuli is beautiful. I didn’t know the patterns had names though now that I think of it, I seems obvious. Smh.
      I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.


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