Bout of Books 14: Update 4

Bout of Books 14 Day 4 has come and gone and I didn’t get much reading in. It was a cloudy day. The rain tempted to fall in hard, relentless sheets, but all it did was drizzle a few drops while thick clouds rolled across the sky, blocking the sun, and the big guy who lives in the heavens rearranged his furniture causing deep rumbling that made me quiver in anticipation.

Nothing came and I was melancholy all day. Just glum and listless. I spent most of my time standing around wondering what I should do and feeling horrible that I’m doing nothing and going nowhere. Then I looked at the clock. It’s 4 p.m. The day had just started but quickly it’s done and it’s already nearly tomorrow. Thursday, August 21, 2015: the quickest day I’ve lived all year.

Thursday, Day 4 progress

Books/graphic novels read

[new] New Spring: the Graphic Novel by Robert Jordan, adapted by Chuck Dixon, illus. by Mike Miller, Harvey Tolibao, and Joseph Cooper

[new] The Battle of Ink and Blood: A Fable of the Flying City by Jared Axelrod, illus. by Steve Walker

Books/graphic novels completed

New Spring: the Graphic Novel

Quick synopsis

This is adapted from the novel of the same title which is the prequel to the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan.

Quick thoughts

My reaction to this shortened version of the story is the same as when I read the novel. The graphic novel was inconsistent in some spots due to what was cut but the images helped to clarify a few minor things I was confused about when I read the novel. The art is sketchy and the illustrations were inconsistent in some spots.

The Battle of Ink and Blood: A Fable of the Flying City

Quick synopsis

A spirited girl named Ashe is determined to expose the evil secrets of the provost who rules the flying city of Amperstam. At first she exposes the secrets in her self-published newspaper but later takes matters into her own hands.

Quick thoughts

I enjoyed it and I liked Ashe. I wish it was longer or was a series or something. The art isn’t spectacular and is sketchy too. I wish it was in color instead of stark black and white.

Where did I read?

At home on my bed

For a list of books I plan to read, see my first post.

2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 14: Update 4

  1. Your absolutely doing something and going somewhere!
    In storms of thought you take us from the gloomy listless grey, all cloudy and drizzly wet.


    The loving of summer, yes i do
    I luv summer, how bout you.
    I’m sure there’s no better thing or where to do or go.

    Your doing great!! and don’t worry, I’ve
    seen Friday and it’s fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

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