Weekend Reads #16: Unhaulings

It looks like this meme was discontinued so I’ll trudge along with it on my own.

The question for this weekend:

Do you unhaul books? What are your thoughts on donating or throwing out books?

I’m still hooked on booktube though I’ve recently minimized the amount of it I watch so I can get other things done. One type of video that regularly pop up is unhaulings. There are some people who do that a lot, which is fine, but I’d just like to share my own thoughts on it. Plus I couldn’t think of anything else I’d like to discuss.

I hardly unhaul books though I’ve ran out of shelf space in my bookcase. I just don’t like to part from books I’ve bought because I see it as a waste of money. Even if I don’t like a particular book (say Talon or The Wizard’s First Rule), I’ll still hold on to it, sometimes to give it another chance but mostly because I bought it and don’t want to throw my money away. But a few months ago I was forced to unhaul books because I’d ran out of space. The books I did throw out were textbooks from college days. I didn’t have any qualms about doing this though I paid good money for them. They were huge and took up too much space. Plus, I was sure that I wouldn’t use them again. But basically I usually don’t unhaul and it’s annoying for me to see someone unhaul a book and then re-buy it. I also get annoyed at myself when I purchase another copy of a book I already have just so I’ll have a new cover. It’s a waste of money and causes a war inside me.

As for giving away books I unhaul, I prefer to donate them, unless I know someone who’d appreciate getting a particular book. It would be beneficial to me to sell them if I can but I like the thought of giving away books freely when you’re done with them.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share below or in a post, if you like.

What I’m reading this weekend:

It’s these two for now. I started Juniper Berry last night and I could have finished it in one go but I got scared and stopped. I know, I know. How does a 20-something adult get scared by a kids book that’s not scary? I don’t know. I just started thinking up random things and got scared and tired too. Anyways, it’s a short book so I’ll probably finish it today and move on to something else… I’ve been eyeing my Harry Potter books so I might reread Prisoner of Azkaban or something.

I’ve taken a break from Jason and the Argonauts. The story is good and I like it but it takes a while to get to the action. I probably won’t complete this during the Bout of Books read-a-thon.

Well, what are you reading this weekend?

Happy reading! 😀


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #16: Unhaulings

  1. I think if you look at it the right way buying the same book with a different cover isn’t a waste!, earning money is fun and spending money is fun and it’s so much fun!!! If it’s your passion and it’s fun, bugger any sayers of nay i say 😉

    Today i started to read my first book of the month, yay i have some time and perfect reading weather, wet 🙂
    It is: A John Wyndham omnibus
    The day of the triffids (i remember been terrified by this film as a child)
    The kraken wakes.
    The chrysalids, which I started first, and think that I’ve read before.

    It cost 20c, and the cover has, and looks like it was, nibbled by someone / thing :-/

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