Exploring My Bookshelves: I Sneak to Read These

Exploring My Bookshelves is a weekly meme created by Victoria at Addlepates and Book Nerds and co-hosted with Shannon at For the Love of Words. Visit either blog for the list of topics.

This week’s topic:

Guilty pleasure books

My guilty pleasure books are erotica and bodice-ripping romance and urban novels. I don’t own many since I unhauled most of them so here’s my small selection.

guilty pleasure reads

If you recall my Top Ten Tuesday post where I discussed my most-read authors, you’ll remember that among those middle-grade/young-adult fantasy authors were romance authors — Rochelle Alers and Mary B. Morrison — and an honorable mention to an erotica author, Zane. Back in the day, I read a lot of romance and some erotica and urban fiction. But I haven’t read much of them lately. I read a short erotica story last year and hated it and before that, I attempted Fifty Shades of Grey, which I think I DNF’ed. I haven’t read much romance either except the young-adult fantasy books that are dripping with it and I haven’t touched a Black urban fiction novel in years. But, a time will come when I’ll be in the mood to read them again.

Here are a few I’d like to reread to see if I’ll still enjoy them:


Lessons of a Lowcountry Summer by Rochelle Alers


The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah

Street Dreams by K’wan

True to the Game by Teri Woods


Skyscraper by Zane

So, what are your guilty pleasure books?
How this meme works:
  1. Take a “shelfie” (a picture of your bookshelf). Preferably literal, but e-shelves work too.
  2. Write something on the day’s prompt.
  3. Give the blurb and the cover of the book (and what you thought of it if you’ve read it).
  4. Link back to Victoria’s post.
My bookshelf:
my bookcase
my bookcase

6 thoughts on “Exploring My Bookshelves: I Sneak to Read These

  1. Cute bookshelf! Yaaaaasssss! I’d like to re-read “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sista Souljah again too. I read it back in high school and it would be interesting to see if the wild storyline still interests me lol. Its def a 5 star book though hahaa. Sista Souljah has a new book out I think…
    Zane is an author I’ve heard of, but I have never read her work. I actually don’t read much erotica/romance novels. I love that you are into urban fiction as well 🙂


    1. Yea, I read it and Omar Tyree’s Flyy Girl in high school and loved them both. I need to give them both a reread to see if I think the same.
      I love urban fic though most aren’t so great and get repetitive. I got tired of it in high school and started reading more fantasy, which is a weird switch now that I think about it.
      Zane is hard core erotica so…if you don’t like that sort of thing then I don’t recommend it.

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