Top Ten Tuesday #14: I wish, I wish…

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

10 wishes I’d ask the book genie to grant me

  1. For George R.R. Martin to surprise us with The Winds of Winter completed tomorrow.
  2. To get through the rest of the Wheel of Time series. I’m now on book 6 and it’s still a long way to go.
  3. To read a little faster.
  4. To recall all the great stories I read.
  5. To live in a fictional world of my choice for a day. If I die there, I return to my reality unscathed and I can leave the fictional world at will.
  6. To automatically know the meaning of words and how they function in sentences. I hate having to stop to look up a word.
  7. To rid the world of silverfish bugs and other bugs that live in old houses and love to eat books. I hate them!
  8. To work in a bookstore.
  9. For all the books I want, or a fund for purchasing all the books I want. The wish comes with a private library.
  10. To send a bunch books and bookish goodies to kids who don’t have access to them.

I also have a demand, which is to receive my Hogwarts letter. It’s long overdue and I’m upset.

Feeling nosy? Here’s what other bloggers wished for.

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #14: I wish, I wish…

    1. Lol, Wheel of Time takes some serious dedication, especially since Jordan tends to add unnecessary descriptions sometimes. I’m barely hanging on.
      Speaking of Inkspell, I need to read that book. Seems like everyone but me has.

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      1. Yeah, I couldn’t stand the random digressions. It felt like he’d just done a lot of world-building and created loads of back stories that he felt he just had to share, even though it did nothing for the plot and was really boring. It’s a good series, but the last one gets really weird and dark. It’s really confusing cos she did a bit of u-turn on the plot (apparently she had a bit of a personal crisis while she was writing it, so took it in a completely different direction to what she intended). The first one’s definitely worth a read though- if I remember correctly, it works as a standalone


        1. My thoughts exactly on Jordan. Most of the stuff could have went in a supplemental text on the history of the WOT world or something.
          Ok, I’m looking forward to that first one.

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  1. I would love to really remember all the books that I have read. I’ve read a lot, but sometimes I just forget them and I hate it. Especially when it’s a book that I know I loved a lot!
    YES to word definitions! Sometimes I get so used to reading on my Kindle and able to instantly look up a word, but when I read a physical book I can’t!
    Great wishes!


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