Weekend Reads #24: Intimidating Books and She

Weekend Reads is a weekly discussion on a variety of topics. At the end of the post, I’ll include what I plan to read on the weekend.

It’s a busy weekend so this post will be shorter than usual.

The question/topic for this weekend:

Are there any books or genres you find intimidating?

I’m usually not intimidated by books prior to reading them. If I do get intimidated, it’s because I’m nowhere near the halfway mark in the book and the story is hard to understand. Around that time, I’ll put the book down and read something else. Sometimes a short break helps. Other times, it’s best that I return to the story when I’m older (which reminds me that I need to reread Sula).

As for genres, I am a little intimidated by literary and experimental fiction. I often think that I won’t understand the story or grasp what the author is trying to relay, which is why I don’t often read such books. I’d like to give them another try though, so if there are any you recommend, let me know below.

What I’m reading this weekend:


She by Henry Rider Haggard. I’ve heard that this story is great and wonderful to read so I was eager to read it. Yes, was. After reading the introduction, I’m no longer eager, just curious. From what I’ve gleaned from the intro, Haggard was an ethnocentric man who believed the White race, especially the British, was above all other races, especially Africans. Granted, Haggard is a product of his time (late 19th — early 20th century) but still, right now I can’t get excited about a story that portrays Africans as savages ruled by a powerful White woman for the sake of adventure.

I’m probably being hypocritical here because there are stories I enjoy that include similar elements (thinking of Heart of Darkeness, though to me it’s more of a commentary on British conquest in Africa, and a slew of fantasy novels) but right now, today, Sunday, October 25, I can’t get excited about She. But we’ll see what I think when I’m done.

What are you reading this weekend? Please share below.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #24: Intimidating Books and She

  1. No time for reading so, so busy all week and weekend.
    Love the title of your book, not sure if I’d read it either though, maybe if i was marooned on some desert island and it’s all there was, maybe 😉

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