Blog Update: New Web Address

Welcome, welcome to the new address! 😀

Hopefully you found me okay. I know my directions were a bit off and you probably got lost at the fourth left turn — I always forget that one! — but here you are, with me, at 🙂

If not, well, that sucks, and I hope we get to meet again soon on the Web. Of course, if I’ve misled you somehow, then you’re unable to read this message, which probably makes it pointless, but maybe you’ll see this post when you find me again and know that I thought you…. I think I’m rambling.

Well, to all of you who are still with me, YEAHIEE!! I’m glad this went smoothly and I’m so grateful that KokkieH stopped by to give me some advice. I was so worried that I would do something wrong but his advice put me at ease.

The plan was to do the web-address switch at midnight on October 25. Unfortunately, I was sick with a migraine and slept through my deadline. But here I am, back to my semi-perky self with a new web address and ready to blog some more.

Hope you’re all with me and if not, see you soon.