Beautiful Blogger Award


I’ve got a moment’s respite from my busy life so I decided to spend it doing an award post, or rather, catching up on my tags and award posts. I’ll do as many as I can until I’m called away again.

So way back in September, I was nominated for this award by Flo at Flowlessbooks. I was glad for the recognition (still am) but, unfortunately, wasn’t able to do a post until now. Thanks for nominating me Flo! I love the clean design of your blog. It is very beautiful.

The rules:
  1. Link to the blogger who took the time to nominate you.
  2. List seven random things about yourself.
  3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
  4. Notify the amazing people that you nominated for the award.
Seven random things about me:
  1. I hate doing my own hair. Actually, I hate doing any hair. I like it when my hair looks great because it makes me feel great but usually it’s not great because I hate doing my own hair.
  2. I just mentioned this in one of those Writing Myths stories so it’s still on my mind, but I’d really like to see a meteor shower. I always find out about it after it happens.
  3. So I’ve realized that as much as I enjoy hanging out, I sometimes get so anxious about unforeseen events that can occur when I do go out — such as awkward conversations and being the oddball in the room standing in a corner alone while everyone else is engaged in conversations — that most times I talk myself out of going anywhere.
  4. I am really quiet. Sometimes.
  5. For some weird reason, people think I’m an extrovert when I meet them. I find it so odd.
  6. Did I mention that I got a new laptop?! Yep! 😀 Now I have to re-catalogue all my books because I lost that data. I’m so happy.
  7. Sometimes I wish I were an architect.
The following are seven of the many blogs whose design and organization I admire. Go check them out.
  1. The Bookgasm
  2. Matt and His Cats
  3. A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly
  4. The Literary Counsellor
  5. Tea & Paperbacks
  6. Musings of a Nerdy Girl
  7. Lindsey’s Hideaway

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I’ll let you know when I do my post. 🙂

    I’ve also always wanted to see a meteor shower. There was one time that I actually did manage to take a look outside when I had heard one was going to happen, but it was a bit too cloudy to really see anything. 😦

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  2. Zezee! Thank you so much for the nom! 😀 I also despise doing my hair, I think that’s why I keep it so damn long. A part of me hopes that “Pocahontas long” is a style and I can get away with not doing anything to it. (I know this is not true, but then again, I do suffer from various degrees of wistfulness ^.^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!
      Haha! Maybe that will be a style. I love short hair because there are so many cool, crazy styles I can get done when my hair is short but I also prefer some length so I can throw it into a ponytail and go.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a nototious pony-tailer. I always say I’m going to try to make it more chic by concealing the hair band with a section of hair and wrapping it around, but that extra minute of effort never happens! ^.^


        1. I could do it if I didn’t value the time I enjoy drinking my morning coffee before the kids wake up, lol. 😊 but of course, I do enjoy those moments of sanity. They are so rare! Lol, just kidding!


  3. Aww thank you for the nomination, I feel so touched. I used to never go out and socialize either, but now I’m trying more to hang out with my friends and as a result I hang out too much! But like you I also prefer being alone in my room with my laptop 😅

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    1. You’re welcome! I really do love the design of your blog — black and white with little pops of color.
      I used to go out a lot but these past 2 or 3 years I’ve become a homebody. Thinking about having to small talk stresses me out.

      Liked by 1 person

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