Emoji Book Tag

September was a month of tags, all of which I’m getting to now. For this one, I was tagged by Trisha Ann at The Bookgasm Blog. Basically, I will show my five most used emojis and pair them with a book.


I use this one the most because it suits me the best. I smile a lot. Can’t help it most times. I smile even when I’d rather not. The book I’ll pair with this is —

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

— because of how awkward the main character is and how foul-mouthed and bad-tempered his only friend is. Their antics made me smile. Also, the protagonist makes jokes at the worst times to avoid difficult situations, similar to my smiles.

The next emoji is this:

But whenever I use it, I mean this:

I just always forget about the one with the tears. I use that grinning one often because I laugh a lot. The book I’ll pair with it is —

Available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

— because I laughed a lot while reading it.

My favorites of all are these two. I couldn’t choose just one.

I’m a silly person and a kid at heart so I often use these. The book I’ll pair with them is —

The Phantom Tollbooth

It’s a silly book but there’re lots to learn from it. It’s a fun book and it seems like it was fun, though probably hard, to write.

Up next is this sad one:

I mostly use this to be unnecessarily dramatic. The book for this one is —

The Kite Runner cover

— not because I think it’s unnecessarily dramatic, but because there are many readers who cried while reading it.

And then there’s this stunner:

Things often surprise me. I even surprised at things I already know about. The book for this is —

A Game of Thrones

— because I still anticipated what’s to come and was surprised at what happened when I reread it.

And that’s it. I’ll pass the baton to these bloggers:

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Bookish Night

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Fiddler Blue

The Orang-utan Librarian

…and anyone who wants to do this. Link back so I can see your post. 🙂

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