Villain Squad Tag

This is a pretty interesting tag that I’ve seen around booktube. I was tagged by Trisha Ann at The Bookgasm to do this back in October. Thanks Trisha!

Basically, I’ll create a villain squad based on my answers to the questions below. I’ll also adhere to Trisha’s added rule, which makes the sources for my choices limitless.

Think of your own villain identity and power!

I would have psychic powers like Prof. X from the X-men since I do this a lot —

Prof. X

I’m sure I’ll move something with my mind or read someone’s thoughts one of these days.

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Writing Myths #8 & #9: What causes lightning and thunder?

I’m back again with another Writing Myths post. This one is short. I stole some time tonight to write it before turning in to bed. My eyes are droopy.

I’ve combined two prompts again:

Write a myth to explain thunder.

Write a myth to explain lightning.

The angels had no idea what would happen when they held the first rock concert in heaven. Celestia, the angel of holy lights, came up with plan one day when in a fit of excitement, she struck her guitar and produced a high-pitched screech. She had never heard such a sound before. Neither had Desmond but he took it as a que to start thumping his drums and soon the rest of the band of angels joined in to create a crazy new sound that was both exciting and exhilarating.

They were all pleased with the new music they made and shared it with a few of their friends.

“Oh, Celestia! Your band must hold a concert so everyone can hear this new music,” Lucius yelled over Celestia’s practice thrills on her new holy lights-infused guitar.

Celestia thought it was a great idea and made plans with her band to hold a concert. Angels throughout all the heavens attended. Celestia and her band allowed themselves to get swept away by the music as it played upon their souls. It intensified the sound and sent their audience in a dancing frenzy. It was a great concert.

But all things in heaven affect earth and the angels did not see the effects of their wild concert. Each thrill Celestia made on her holy lights guitar produced a bright flash of light across the sky and whenever Desmond beat heavily on his drums, a great boom resounded as if something heavy had fallen in the sky. The humans were fearful of these occurrences and hid in their caves. But as time passed, humans grew accustomed to them and named the occurrences lightning and thunder.


Not so great but it’s all I could think of.

Anyways, g’night.