Writing Myths #10: The King Who Wrestled The Creator

I’m back with another Writing Myths posts. Yay!! The prompt for this one is:

Write a myth to explain why tsunamis happen.

Long ago, there was a king who thought he was the mightiest being of all because he was so tall that his hair brushed the sky and was so strong that he could move the largest mountain. He was also brash and arrogant and often his arrogance clouded the little wisdom he had.

One day, his arrogance got the better of him and he boasted that he was greater than the Creator. The Creator heard him and decided to punish him for boasting such folly. But first, the Creator decided to be merciful so he asked the king to reflect on the folly of his words to receive forgiveness. The king refused to do such a thing and continued to boast. He even challenged the Creator to a wrestling match!

The Creator refused to belittle himself to engage in such actions with a mortal who He knew was not equal to him and so declined the challenge. But the king became enraged at being shunned and jumped on the Creator to wrestle him to the ground. Sensing the king’s intention, the Creator grabbed at the king’s arms, flipped him over, and flung him to the ground, where he tried to wrestle the king into submission. But the king continued to struggle and even started to insult the Creator so the Creator dragged him to the bottom of the deepest chasm in the sea and chained him there.

Though the king’s mortal body wasted away, his soul remains chained at the bottom of the sea. His soul is as mighty as his body was and every now and then it breaks free of the chains and tries to drag itself to land. For if his entire soul should ever reach land, he would gain a body from the earth and be able to challenge the Creator again. The Creator is always quick to subdue him when he starts to rise. The tsunamis we see are just a part of his soul — his hand stretching to grasp land.


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