Writing Myths #11, #15, & #20: Energy. Everything is Energy.

I haven’t done a Writing Myths post in a while because I really couldn’t think of a myth for why it snows but finally I got an idea.

Quick update: I’m almost done with this project. Yeahie!! I was a bit worried there that I wouldn’t finish before the end of the year but I only have 4 left. If I double them up, I should be good. There are some I haven’t done a separate post for, like why flowers lose their leaves, because I discussed it in a post or two that was focused on something else. Anyways, back to this post.

For this entry, I’ve combined 3 prompts:

Write a myth to explain why it snows.

Write a myth to explain why volcanoes erupt.

Write a myth to explain the tide.

Back in the day in the northern lands, whenever the last months of the year rolled around, the air would grow cold and sometimes the leaves fell from the trees but other than that, everything was much the same. The people complained that it was pointless to have a change in temperature and nothing else so the Creator decided to give them something to rejoice over. He made it snow.

The Creator thought this would be a wonderful gift and a great idea for how to use the excess energy that usually cause havocs if not immediately used. What many don’t know is that we are all created from energy. That’s all there was in the beginning. Boundless energy streaming across the universe, combining and breaking apart as it bounces around.

In the beginning, the Creator took this energy and fused it together to create people, animals, vegetation, and all natural wonders we’ve come to know today. He made the earth and the solar system using energy too. There was more energy in the universe than he could ever use but he thought his creations were good enough and nothing more was needed so he didn’t put the excess energy to work.

Later, he realized this was a mistake for the unused excess energy constantly bounced around his creations sometimes melding into them causing disease or, in positive cases, improving a creation so it evolves into a new creature. The excess energy affected all things, even the sea, where it directs the water, a phenomenon we now call tides. The Creator realized that the best way to use the excess energy was to funnel it through his creations, which is why everything in nature has a cycle. That way, energy is always being used.

The Creator thought he had finally solved this energy problem but again an issue popped up. Sometimes his creations took in more energy than needed and had to release it, but usually that release is done in a catastrophic way. For example, earthquakes and volcanoes. That’s the earth expelling excess energy. The Creator wondered what to do and the complaints of the northerners helped to solve the problem. Whenever he’s able to foresee a buildup of excess energy, he uses the extra energy to make soft pieces of ice fall from the sky. He made it snow.


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