Bookish News Roundup: February 2016

Will I ever be on time with these posts? I’m starting to doubt it. Anyways, here are some noteworthy happenings in the book world that were discussed in February.

Simon & Schuster Launched a Muslim Imprint

On February 24, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing announced that they will launch a new imprint called Salaam Reads, which will focus on Muslim-themed children’s books. The books will be geared toward all ages and will include picture books as well as middle-grade and young-adult novels.

The imprint intends to “introduce readers of all faiths and backgrounds to a wide variety of Muslim children and families, and offer Muslim kids an opportunity to see themselves reflected positively in published works.” The first list of books will launch in 2017. (Simon & Schuster)

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“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” Play to Be Published

I almost didn’t include this one because I’m sure everyone knows about it by now but…

Due to “massive public demand,” the Blair Partnership, J.K. Rowling’s literary and brand management agency, announced that it will publish the script of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a play based on the Harry Potter novels. The play is written by Jack Thorne, an English screenwriter and playwright, and directed by John Tiffany, an English theatre director, and will open on July 30.

It’s a two-part play that takes place 19 years after the events in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I & II will be published on July 31 (Harry’s b-day) and is available for pre-order now. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Kenyon vs. Clare: A Copyright Fight

Sherrilyn Kenyon, an American fantasy writer, is suing Cassandra Clare, author of the young-adult fantasy series Mortal Instruments, for copyright infringement. According to Kenyon, Clare has included ideas from Kenyon’s bestselling Dark Hunter series in her popular Mortal Instruments series. (The Bookseller)

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Planned Plot Twist for The Winds of Winter

In an interview with IGN, George R.R. Martin shared his plans to include a plot twist in The Winds of Winter, the forthcoming sixth novel in the popular A Song of Ice and Fire series. Martin explains in the interview that the twist will not be included in the HBO TV adaptation of his work because a key character was killed off in it. (IGN)

Simon & Schuster Launched a New Young-Adult Lit. Website

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing has launched a new website based on young-adult literature called Riveted. Riveted will feature articles, lists, videos, giveaways, and much more. (Simon & Schuster)

Barnes & Noble’s Prototype Store

Barnes & Noble CEO Ron Boire announced that the company will open a new prototype store that will include online elements. No other details were given except that the store will open later this year. (Internet Retailer)

New Indie Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

This spring, a new independent bookstore will open in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Called the East City Bookshop, the store will be located at 645 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, (close to the Eastern Market metro stop) and will have a grand opening on the weekend of April 30 and continue through to Sunday, May 1, which is when the Literary Hill Bookfest at Eastern Market will be held. (Capitol Hill Corner)

**I’m excited! 😀

Other announcements:
  • Aaron Sorkin, an American screenwriter, playwright, and producer known for movies such as “The Social Network” and “Steve Jobs,” has adapted Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird for the stage. The play will appear on Broadway during the 2017-18 season. (Playbill)
  • The Neapolitan Novels, a quartet by Italian novelist Elena Ferrante, will be adapted for TV. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • A biographical graphic novel about Agatha Christie, the popular mystery writer, will be published on May 10 by Abrams. (Galley Cat)

6 thoughts on “Bookish News Roundup: February 2016

  1. Ahhhhhh, Harry Potter!!!! I can’t wait until the Cursed Child comes out. 😀

    I hadn’t heard the Winds of Winter plot twist news. Very interesting. I wonder which character he’s talking about… *starts speculating*


    1. Lol. I’m waiting until after it comes out before I consider getting it. Since it wasn’t written by Rowling, I’m a little wary about it.

      Haha! I’m doing the same thing about Winds of Winter but I haven’t watched the GoT TV show so I don’t know who has died.

      Liked by 1 person

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