Skyrim Book Tag

I’ve never before played Skyrim but Ariana, the Quirky Book Nerd, tagged me in this book tag that she created (Thanks Ari!) so I googled Skyrim and I must say, it looks pretty cool. That dude with the horned helmet looks vicious!

Well, here goes the tag.

Fus Ro Dah – A book that blew you away.

A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. This one impressed me the first and second times I read it. It’s understandable for the first read since I didn’t know what to expect then, but the second time through was just as great and engrossing as the first.

Dovahkiin – Favorite “chosen one” story.

The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. As much as I harp about the later books in the Wheel of Time series for being too long, I really like the story. And I do love the “chosen one” story here because none of the characters saw it coming and even the ones who are chosen don’t really believe it of themselves. I just love those sort of stories. One of my favorite tropes.

Thu’um – A book that got a verbal reaction out of you (good or bad).

Fullmetal Alchemist

Recently, that was volumes 1 and 2 of the Fullmetal Alchemist bind-up copies. They had me laughing out loud on the train.

Arrow to the Knee – A book or series that started out well but ended up being disappointing.

The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater. I read the first and really liked it but the second was meh. It started out boring and worked its way to -_-

Shadowmere – Favorite literary/fictional animal or pet.

Calm_Hei_Bai panda

Spirit animals like those in Avatar: the Last Airbender. My spirit animal would be a panda-falcon, which is a panda with wings (I made that up). 😛

Alduin – Most frightening literary/fictional animal.

Demons. Demons are always scary. (I’m too scared to include a picture.)

Companions Guild – Best literary friendship.

Spindle's End

Rosie and Peony in Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley. They are so close, they are like sisters.

Dark Brotherhood – The darkest story you’ve ever read.

Available at Barnes and Noble

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. …I think it is the darkest book I’ve read…I’m not sure though.

Thieves Guild – Favorite morally ambiguous character.


The Will from the Saga comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan, illus. by Fiona Staples. (Actually the Hound from the Song of Ice and Fire series is my fav but I mention him so often.)

Wuld Nah Kest (whirlwind sprint) – Your fastest read.

Saga, Vol. 3

Any comic book but let’s go with Saga, Vol. 4 since it’s my fastest read so far this year.

Tiid Klo Ul (slow time) – Your slowest read.

The Shadow Rising

Probably The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. It took me from January 12 to May 8, 2014 to read that book. It was too damn long for no good reason.

Tamriel – Favorite fictional world.

Come to think of it, Spindle’s End because it’s so magical. Magic gets into everything.

Bonus Question:
“Sworn to Carry Your Burdens” – The heaviest book you own.

Edgar Allan Poe Complete Tales and Poems

Umm… I believe that would be Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales & Poems. I think it’s also the largest book I own. It’s a hardback.

Who do I tag??

Reader’s Anonymous

Books by Proxy

Susannahh Taylor

So I Pondered

Embuhlee liest

Bookish Night

Fiddler Blue

Read by Umbreen

Matt and His Cats

Book Snacks

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…and you! 😛


17 thoughts on “Skyrim Book Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! I’ve never played Skyrim, but I know a decent amount about it from internet references and people I know who have played it. The questions were really interesting. When I was reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, I felt like I either breezed through the books or took months and months to finish them.


    1. You’re welcome! It’s the same with me with the WOT books. I gobbled up the first and the second but after that it started taking longer and longer to complete.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love GOT too- I am literally obsessed with it!! (I spend far too much time discussing it with people in real life and online) And Heart of Darkness is pretty dark! That’s a shame about the second Raven Boys though- I enjoyed the first one but I wasn’t blown away- I had hoped the series would get better :/


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