Snack Food Book Tag

Another book tag. Shout out to the Orang-utan Librarian for linking me for this!

Chocolate covered pretzels: A book couple you never thought would work/get together.

Saga, Vol. 3

The one I’m thinking of is mentioned in Saga, Vol. 3 and I can’t say who they are because it’s a spoiler.

Prunegales (see what I did there? the names trademarked so I couldn’t use it): An addictive book you can’t get enough of.

I’m going with these two that I recently read — The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  and Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1. I’m so glad to have discovered and read them. Both are fun and entertaining and new favorites.

Trail mix: A book with a variety of characters.

A Game of Thrones

I’m copying the Orang-utan Librarian on this and selecting A Game of Thrones. The story contains a variety of characters who all stick out and remain with you after reading.

Fruit bowls: An unpredictable character.
Matrim Cauthon
Matrim Cauthon

Mat from the Wheel of Time series. Even he doesn’t know what he’s going to do sometimes. He tries to run from his destiny but always end up being pulled back to it.

Nut bar: Your go-to book.

Harry Potter

It depends on my mood but a Harry Potter novel usual works for every mood.

Popcorn: A character you can’t help but like.


Joe in You by Caroline Kepnes. He’s not a good person at all. I really shouldn’t like him, but I can’t help it.

And that’s it. I won’t tag anyone but you’re welcome to do this tag if you like.

15 thoughts on “Snack Food Book Tag

  1. Ahh yes Harry Potter is a great go to book and of course I agree about GOT 🙂 I’m still yet to read sisterhood of the travelling pants- but I still plan to- one day! (probably in the summer, cos it’s definitely that kind of book 🙂 ) Great post! Glad you did it 😀

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  2. Omg thank god for not spoilng we just got the Vol.3 for Saga today HAHA can’t wait to read it 😀 Love this snack food tag 🙂 AND YAAS for Full Metal Alchemist !! My childhood right there 😀 -Trang


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