Weekend Reads #47: I Took a Break Y’all

No topic this weekend. More of an update.

You may have been wondering where I’ve been, or not. Either is fine.

I took a mini break from blogging because I was feeling a tad overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired. You ever get worn out from doing the same things every day? That was me. That’s how I felt. Bored and worn.

I took a break from most things, but I continued to read. I changed up my pace and routine some. I visited museums and hopped over to Chicago to attend BookCon and see family and friends. It was all very refreshing. It’s great to take a break from things sometimes. The break made me realize just how much I’ve grown to enjoy blogging. I thought about blogging the entire time (a mere week and a half) that I was away from my computer. It also made me realize that I had developed a slight writing habit because I also thought often of just sitting at my computer and typing out a post or review or just putting down my thoughts on something, anything. I just wanted to write. This blogging thing is more beneficial to me than I’d realized.

But I do get overwhelmed sometimes. This time it was because of an increase in work, family, blogging “responsibilities.” Spring has been a very busy season for me. Things have slowed some now that summer is slowly crawling in, but I hope the pace for that season will be one I can manage. As for blogging, I get overwhelmed when trying to keep up with posts from those I follow as well as all the newsletters and websites I like to read. Have you noticed that haven’t done a Bookish News Roundup in a while? I haven’t been able to read much of the newsletters and websites I get the information from. I commend anyone who’s able to stay on top of all that reading, blog regularly and comment on other’s posts, and maintain an active Twitter, booktube, and Snapchat account. If you can, you are awesome.

I need to reassess and figure out what I want to focus on and just accept that I won’t be able to read everyone’s posts all the time. I already don’t. As for staying on top of all my reading, I think I read too many things at once. I need to cut that down. Less stress that way.

What I’m reading this weekend:

Jane Eyre

Yes. I’ve yet to finish this book. When I took my break from blogging and my normal routine, I also took a break from this book. I was enjoying it. It was going well. But I’m tired of these characters not saying exactly what they mean and Rochester is an annoying prick. The most intriguing person is the woman in the attic. Everyone else is quite dull. I think the book is too damn long.

Assassin’s Apprentice (wish I had that cover)

Samantha, a booktuber at Novels and Nonsense, is hosting the Hobb-A-Long Read-A-Long from May through December during which all participants will read all of Robin Hobb’s books. She plans to start with Hobb’s first book, Assassin’s Apprentice, on May 23 but I might start reading this weekend since I’m losing interest in Jane.

Witches of East End

I’m really in the mood for witches. Actually, I’d like to have a written version of the Charmed TV show but since I don’t know of any, I’ve decided to read this book. I watched the Witches of East End TV show on Lifetime, which started out okay and then devolved. I stopped watching after one of the girls was basically being raped every night and no one acknowledged that fact (a magic creature thing hypnotizes her somehow and makes her have sex with him while under the influence of his power. She wakes up the next day not remembering anything). I wanted to see if the books were the same.

What are you reading this weekend? And do you know of any books that focuses on witches similar to those in Charmed?

18 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #47: I Took a Break Y’all

    1. It’s been a bumpy ride. Sometimes I liked it and other times I didn’t. I do think it should have been 2 books instead of one big tome, or maybe I just think that because I was tired of reading it after a while.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying Jane Eyre that much. It’s one of my favorite classics. :/

    I actually won Assassin’s Apprentice not too long ago from a giveaway, so I’d love to know your thoughts on it when you read it.


    1. Yea…it seems like one I would like too. I find myself rushing my reading these days and I think that’s part of the reason why my interest in the book has lessened.

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  2. Sometimes you just need a break! I find I get a bit more ‘worn’ when I get behind with reviews which is why I try to write them as soon as I’ve finished reading.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful break and at the same time reinforced your love of blogging which is great.
    Lynn 😀


    1. Ditto! That was a big reason for me too. I think I forgot to mention that above as well. I’m still behind on reviews but I missed blogging more.


  3. Ahh glad to have you back! I know what you mean about needing the occasional break. Ah it’s a shame you’re losing interest in Jane- I really like Rochester and his moral ambiguity- but I get that he’s not for everyone. I’ve been meaning to read Assassin’s Apprentice too. and I watched Witches of East End too- I actually liked the show cos it was dark and twisted- I thought it was a shame it ended- I would definitely want to read the book to see how the story actually goes


    1. Yea, it is a shame. I really liked the first parts. Maybe I’ll gain interest in it again in these last 200+ pages.
      Yea, I liked the show too. I thought it was sweet with a dark edge but I kinda think it wasn’t well-executed either because some plot lines were just left hanging.

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      1. Ahh that’s a shame- hopefully!
        I do agree with you there- too much of it was confusing and unfulfilled- it had potential, but I was never so certain about it, so I wasn’t exactly mourning its loss when it went


    1. It was so crowded with crazy long lines. I don’t have patience for lines so I missed out on a lot but I plan to go again next year.


  4. I often get burned out and have to take internet breaks, so I know what you mean about that! Also Jane Eyre: I liked it, but I did not love it the way most people seem to love it. I prefer Wuthering Heights (though I haven’t read it since I was a teenager, and I didn’t read Jane Eyre until a few years ago).


  5. I’m glad you’re feeling better now! I know the feeling, I’m really struggling at the moment with just, well, everything!

    I’ve literally just finished the Assassin’s Apprentice after wanting to read it for years and have the next one in the library waiting for me to pick it up! I really loved it, so hope you do as well!

    Hope summer brings good things for you.


    1. Thanks Lindsey! 😀 I’ve also wanted to read it for a long time now so I’m glad for the read-along.
      I hope the summer is good to you too. My spirit is always lighter in summer and I’m most happy then. It’s my favorite season. I love the warm weather and sun.

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