Gossip Girl Book Tag

I’m so behind on book tags that I don’t think it matters in what order I do them anymore. I tried doing them in the order that I was tagged but that’s done with. Just know that if you tagged me for something, I will get to it eventually; unless it’s something I’ve already done on here.

I loved the Gossip Girl TV show and used to watch it every Monday night when it used to air on the CW. Then when I saw it on Netflix, I rewatched all my favorite episodes. What kept me watching? Blair. I hate calling someone a bitch, but Blair is the Queen B and I love her for it. She is a strong individual, though snooty, and I respect how hard she works to achieve her goals, though she often resorts to nefarious methods.

I also loved the music used in the shows and Serena’s wardrobe. Of everything she has worn, this dress was my favorite.

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