Gossip Girl Book Tag

I’m so behind on book tags that I don’t think it matters in what order I do them anymore. I tried doing them in the order that I was tagged but that’s done with. Just know that if you tagged me for something, I will get to it eventually; unless it’s something I’ve already done on here.

I loved the Gossip Girl TV show and used to watch it every Monday night when it used to air on the CW. Then when I saw it on Netflix, I rewatched all my favorite episodes. What kept me watching? Blair. I hate calling someone a bitch, but Blair is the Queen B and I love her for it. She is a strong individual, though snooty, and I respect how hard she works to achieve her goals, though she often resorts to nefarious methods.

I also loved the music used in the shows and Serena’s wardrobe. Of everything she has worn, this dress was my favorite.

Serena van der Woodsen

And I loved this gold blazer Blair wore in one of the later seasons when she interned at a magazine.

Blair gold blazer

Speaking of later seasons, I skipped on the last two seasons. After a while, the show started to devolve and damn near everyone had slept with each other. It lost its charm and I gave up on it. I actually don’t know who Gossip Girl is. Not sure if I really want to know either. Anyways, to the tag.

I wasn’t tagged for this. I found it when I visited Bookish and Awesome and was so excited that I squealed and vowed to do it so here I am.

As Shelumiel mentioned in his post, this tag is based on the TV series, not the books, and some items contain substantial spoilers for the TV series.

Serena in grey dress

Serena Van Der Woodsen: The “It” book of YA fiction.

Throne of Glass

I’ll go with Throne of Glass by Sara J. Maas because of how many rave reviews I’ve seen and read about it. It’s so damn popular!

By the way, Serena is one of my favorite characters in the show. I go back and forth between her and Blair. I like how carefree Serena is, too carefree sometimes, and Blake Lively is beautiful.

Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf: A book/character you love to hate.

The Fires of Heaven

I always think of Nynaeve from the Wheel of Time books when I read questions like this. I find her so annoying.

And yea, people love to hate Blair but I like her now though I didn’t when I had just started watching the shows. She’s awesome.

Chuck Bass

Chuck Bass: A roller coaster ride of a book.


Breed by Chase Novak because I read it so quickly and was basically on the edge of my seat the entire time, flipping through pages trying to find out what happens next and how it all would be resolved.

Another favorite character — Chuck Bass. He’s so vindictive! Everything’s resolved by simply saying his name. I love his wardrobe! The suites — color, cut, fit — are stylish. His and Serena’s wardrobe are my top favorites.

Nate Archibald

Nate Archibald: A book cover eye candy.

Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giant by Sylvain Neuvel. This book looks great with the dust jacket on and off. It’s so beautiful and I love the illustrations on the cover itself.

Whenever I think of Nate, I think t-shirt and sweats. I hardly see him in a suit. Total eye candy!

Dan Humphrey

Dan Humphrey: A book you think deserves more love than it gets.


Eon by Alison Goodman. I would say the duology, but I haven’t yet read the second novel. Though the pacing in Eon is a bit slow in some spots, I think more people should read it, especially since it has a diverse cast of characters, is set in a world influenced by Chinese culture, and presents dragons in a different way: They are more like spiritual beings in this duology.

I was not a Dan fan. He was too wary and attentive. I felt like he couldn’t be trusted, as if he had something up his sleeve.

Jenny Humphrey

The shoes!!! 😀

Jenny Humphrey: A character that went through the most drastic transformation, for better or worse.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist. They underwent a drastic transformation indeed and learned loads in the process.

So did Jenny. I liked little Jenny and didn’t care for bad-ass Jenny, but I love bad-ass Jenny’s outfits and shoes!!!

Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa Abrams: A book that doesn’t have a lasting impression.


Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. I read this soon after graduating college and I thought I would love it, the cover certainly looked promising, but I didn’t like it as much as I’d hoped I would and I forgot much of the story after I was done.

I loved Vanessa in the early seasons but not so much later on. I thought she would be the exception, the only good one, but she’s just as vindictive too. Her outfits (some of them) are more my style. Funky and fun.

Rufus and Lily

Rufus & Lily: An OTP that could have been.

The Eye of the World

I’m not into OTPs and such but I guess I’ll go with Moiraine and Lan from the Wheel of Time series. I really thought they were “involved” when I started reading the series.

I like Rufus and Lily together. ❤

Georgina Sparks

Georgina Sparks: A villain who’s killing it with villainy.

The Martian

Fucking Mars!

Georgina cracks me up whenever she pops up. She’s good at causing trouble and rousing the characters, especially Blair.

Dorota and Blair

Dorota: A favorite sidekick character.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince4

Hermione. She really could solve all the mysteries in the Harry Potter series on her own.

Dorota is hilarious and so sweet. I love the comedic moments with her and Blair.

Ivy Dickens

Ivy Dickens: A book you always mistake for something else.

The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius and The Histories by Herodotus. I want to read Twelve Caesars but I tell everyone The Histories instead. I always do it.

I have no comment on Ivy. I didn’t care much about her. But boy! People go to some extreme lengths to get their trust fund.

Lola Rhodes

Lola Rhodes: A book/character you want to like more than you actually do.

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

Carmen from The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares. I read two of the books from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series so far and I don’t like Carmen much in either but I wish I did.

I don’t know who Lola is. I think I’d stopped watching by then.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis: A Prince-Charming-turned-A-plus-jerk character.

Shadow and Bone

The Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

I remember Prince Louis, but I think I stopped watching after he was introduced.

Who do I tag?
Everyone who enjoyed Gossip Girls!!
Until next time. You know you love me. XOXO — Gossip Girl

13 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Book Tag

  1. I love this tag! Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows. I agree with you on Chuck and Serena’s wardrobes. Serena had the best clothes and Chuck always looked the part. I love Chuck Bass. 😍 And Blair is the kind of person I would’ve had a hard time liking if I read the books before watching the show. But I loved her despite her bitchiness. Do you want to know who Gossip Girl is? I’ll tell you if you do, but I have to say I thought their choice was pretty lame, and the cast member who was Gossip Girl thought so, too.


    1. It was such a fun show! I tried reading the book but didn’t like it. It’s not my sorta thing. I think a major part of why I loved the show is the wardrobe for the characters.
      And yeah!! Yes, please tell me who. I was debating whether or not I really want to know but if you don’t mind sharing, please tell me!! 😀
      **There was a time when I thought it was Jenny and then Vanessa and then Dan’s half bro.**

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t get into the books either. The personalities are not very likable in the books, where in the show someone like Blair cracked me up. Chuck would’ve been annoying in a book, too, but he was my favorite part of the show. I only made it a few pages into the book before I couldn’t take Blair anymore. And yes the wardrobes were incredible. I wanted all of Serena’s clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Gossip Girl is Dan. Can you believe that? I didn’t understand why they chose him at all. I mean I guess the whole writer thing made sense, but the timeframes didn’t add up. I used to think it was Jenny, too. That would’ve made a lot more sense to me. This makes me want to re-watch the show on Netflix. 😉


        1. Dan? Dan! Wow! Yea, that doesn’t make sense to me either…Dan?
          It just doesn’t add up to me. I guess it’s because he more than anyone REALLY wanted to be one of the “in” people, even more than Jenny.
          Yea, now I want to rewatch too to see everyone’s reaction to that reveal.
          Thanks for telling me.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. That was my exact reaction. And it was so fast and the ending was rushed. It felt like a normal season, then bam, it’s over. I wanted more when it was over, but they did show 5 years into the future so you could see how they end up. You could get away with just watching the last season if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing.


        3. I might do that but I know I’ll be tempted to rewatch. I even heard once that Chuck’s dad popped up again…yea, I think I’ll just rewatch.
          Binge time!! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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