Taunting Thursday

Here I am with a Taunting Thursday post. In other words, a random-ass post. But taunting is a perfect description for Thursday because Thursday hints at Friday, which is almost here, and we are all happily anticipating the arrival of Friday because that means WEEKEND!!! Unless, of course, you work in retail and have to work on Saturday in which case you’re dreading Friday because everyone who doesn’t work on Saturdays shops on Saturdays and are a nag on Saturdays especially in the morning.

That’s what Thursdays make me think about.

It’s such a nag, Thursdays. Work takes longer, your boss finds obscure things for you to do, the heel of the shoe you’ve been wearing all week breaks, and once you start to think you’ve got a little reprieve from the bone-wearying week, you remember that one errand you had to run on Monday but forgot to and has now escalated into something more tedious.

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