Taunting Thursday

Here I am with a Taunting Thursday post. In other words, a random-ass post. But taunting is a perfect description for Thursday because Thursday hints at Friday, which is almost here, and we are all happily anticipating the arrival of Friday because that means WEEKEND!!! Unless, of course, you work in retail and have to work on Saturday in which case you’re dreading Friday because everyone who doesn’t work on Saturdays shops on Saturdays and are a nag on Saturdays especially in the morning.

That’s what Thursdays make me think about.

It’s such a nag, Thursdays. Work takes longer, your boss finds obscure things for you to do, the heel of the shoe you’ve been wearing all week breaks, and once you start to think you’ve got a little reprieve from the bone-wearying week, you remember that one errand you had to run on Monday but forgot to and has now escalated into something more tedious.


Thursdays suck. They’re almost as bad as Mondays but nothing beats Mondays. Nothing will beat the day that signals the end of a treasured break that’s not a break at all because only few really rest on weekends. Tuesdays are passable. Nothing of note happens then and Wednesdays can be fun. Sometimes people go crazy on them because the end is near.

But today is Thursday and it’s taunting me and making me think of Friday and the weekend and ice cream so here I’ll post stuff I’m enjoying right now and ignore Thursday making silly faces at me.

First awesome random thing I like:

Senegalese Twist

I would include a picture, but I can’t tell which ones in the Google results are personal ones so I’ll just include a link to the results. Don’t you agree they are beautiful? I’m rocking some right now. I got them a little chunky and they still took about 7 hours and 3 people in my hair to get it done. But I love them. Got them in for a month now and would like to take them out, wash my hair, and but them back in.

Next awesome random thing

These girls dancing to Panda

The video has been going around Facebook for a while but I enjoy watching it. The girls have moves, but I love their facial expressions the most. I think the best part of dancing is the attitude people have while doing it. And peep that Adidas panda jacket. I want one!!!

And of course, my favorite song of the moment

Panda by Desiigner

I’m really into hip-hop and rap these days, which is weird because I gave up on both genres back in the early 2000’s. But here I am enjoying Panda and playing it on repeat, probably because it’s called panda and panda is said so often in it and who doesn’t like pandas? Last month I was hooked on 679 by Fetty Wap. I didn’t even know who Fetty Wap was before then, but I overheard the song and it got stuck in my head.

This is pretty cool too. Nice dance song. Perfect to wine to.

One Dance by Drake, feat. Kyla and Wizkid

And just to top off how random my thoughts are right now and my life has been these couple months, another thing I’m loving is —

the Good Witch TV show on Hallmark! 😀

It’s such a feel-good show. Glad it’s back for another season.

Good Witch

Yeah, so listen to some tunes and check out a lil show and make it through Thursday. Friday’s almost here.


8 thoughts on “Taunting Thursday

  1. Thursdays used to signal the weekend for me… until I became an adult (left uni that is) a month ago and now its just another day! I work shifts so I don’t get a ‘weekend’ but rather two broken days in the week plus the occasional afternoon off! That’s working in the Prison Service for you.

    I definitely think I will check out GoodWtich, looks good!

    Awesome post!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, that’s how it was in the good ole college days. Let’s reminisce here for a bit…
      Aww man, no weekends. That’s kinda tough.
      Yep, check out the show. It’s something to relax and watch.


      1. How much we hated having such a ‘strict’ schedule and what I would give to have it back now! Thanks for the recommendation! Love your blog!

        It’s tough but I love my job so it sort of balances out. Hehe x


  2. Heh somehow I like Thursdays, feels like I’m finally in a rhythm getting thigs done and Friday is just around the corner. Don’t like Mondays though, typical I know 🙂
    Love those girls, so awesome, thanks for sharing! Also I need to take a look at The Good Witch then, I need something feel-good-ish.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  3. Hey, happy Thursdays 😉
    Cool sounds and hair to match, i no zackly what u saying with that hair, I’ve been growing a beard, and, and, and, a removable one so i could wash and feel my face sounds like a plan.

    🙂 no weeks or ends for me, i have a job that keeps me free.

    I’ve been dancing like panda, working on a 4wd van i picked up cheap, she’s all ready now for adventure,

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