Try a Chapter Tag

I recently found myself between books and indecisive about what to pick up next so I decided to try this tag that I found on Amanda Center, a booktube channel. The tag was perfect for helping me to decide what to read next. The only drawback is that I wanted to start reading more than one book immediately. The tag was created by Malia at BookParadise, another booktuber. The guidelines are as follows:

Choose 5+ books you’ve been meaning to read.

Read up to the first chapter, prologue included.

Decide if you’ll complete it or set it aside.

I was really excited about doing this tag. A little too excited, actually, because I decided to choose from a sample of 11 books. I’ve decided that I will choose 1 nonfiction book, 1 long-ass book, and 1 quick read. They are:

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Two Illustrated Books: “The Arrival” and “Jane, the Fox, and Me”

I guess these mini reviews will become more frequent as I read more short books. This time I read two illustrated books that I borrowed from the library. Both were quick reads, but the story in both were quite touching. I’ll start with my favorite of two. (Click the images below for a larger version.)

The Arrival

The Arrival by Shaun Tan

Quick summary:

The Arrival is a graphic novel in which the story is told using only pictures. The story is about a man who must leave his family behind as he travels to find a safer place for them to live because something large threatens his country. He travels overseas to an immigration agency elsewhere and gets a pass to settle in a new land that is very different to where he’s from.

People are close to the creatures in the new land, which they keep as pets, and the man has to adjust to this as well as the different language and food and surroundings. He makes new friends and learns their history, but his mind is always with his family. After working enough, he is able to send for them.

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