“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

Jane EyreWriting this reflection is intimidating because Jane Eyre is a big-ass book and I have a lot of thoughts about it. When I write these pieces, I like to include as much of the thoughts I had while reading so that when I reread this reflection later, I can easily recall the experience of reading the book. But right now, it’s daunting to get my thoughts in order and jot them down.

Quick summary:

From the book jacket:

Fiery love, shocking twists of fate, and tragic mysteries put a lonely governess in jeopardy in JANE EYRE

Orphaned as a child, Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life. Her courage is tested once again when she arrives at Thornfield Hall, where she has been hired by the brooding, proud Edward Rochester to care for his ward Adèle. Jane finds herself drawn to his troubled yet kind spirit. She falls in love. Hard.

But there is a terrifying secret inside the gloomy, forbidding Thornfield Hall. Is Rochester hiding from Jane? Will Jane be left heartbroken and exiled once again?

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